Men and women interaction top ten misunderstandings

Ten taboos in couples

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Many men and women are easy to commit a few mistakes in the process of interaction. Here is a few individual taboos that you need to keep in mind.

Taboo 1: The existence of love is a matter of course

Whenever you feel that love is about to go to the eternal, it is actually just the crisis coming. The quiet, terrible, terrible.

Taboo 2: Hold the bottom card

Don't think that the bottom card is too fast, it is the most passive party, don't hide your own mind, let the other party "guess". Finally, guess, and break up. To know, love is the most linked thing. Two people should be open, don't let the other party guess to guess, so it is easy to get rid of the opponent's feelings for you.

Two people squatting without their own space, but I don't know if I don't give my space. I can't give each other space.

Taboo 4: Accidental

I always go to calculate my own love or love, pay more or pay less, and how many days have you been going on this step. Remember that Ta is your lover, not a vendor with you ... calculate it.

Taboo 5: The flag of love is hurting each other

Love you, not your reason you hurt each other, don't hold the banner of love, to explain your own selfish and stupid behavior. Love TA will make TA more comfortable, don't hurt TA and also hold the flag of love.

Taboo 6: Staring at the disadvantage

"Gold is not barefoot, people have not finished people" Take Ji Ji and tolerance will make each other comfort and happiness.

Taboo 7: Do not communicate

No one is the insect in your belly, so when you are in love, you will communicate with your lovers, let the other party understand your mind and ideas, will make love simple and comfortable.

Taboo 8: Changing each other

Don't think about changing the other party, turn TA into the one you want. When you are in love, there will be some fewer changes in two people, just right.

Taboo 9: Breakup threat

Don't take your break every day in your mouth, there are more times, the other party will be made by your "breakup", and it is too late to return it.

Taboo 10: Do not trust

The most taboo thing between couples is not trusting, so it is easy to cause contradiction. So please give the other party a little trust, I believe that this love will become more warm and easy.

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