Mother-in-law is in bed, husband hopes wife to take care of, wife: Don't do daytime dreams

There is a sentence called people to leave a line, and I have fun in the future. This sentence is absolutely calculated that the Jinyu Liangyu in interpersonal communication is even in the marriage family. After all, I said that there is not much reasonable in the world, even if I have a relative loved one, I have to know if I have an inch, otherwise I will only be self-sufficient. I am 35 years old this year, and my husband has been married for 10 years. This is the first time I haven't played back home. Just starting my mother and asked me that I was fighting with my husband. I said no, just want to come back and see, stay in a few days. Waiting until later, I stayed, my mother began to worry, saying that I stayed at home is not a matter, and the old two is nothing, I am afraid that my mother-in-law has comments. At that time, I thought that she had opinions, she didn't have opinion, I got the mother of my home for half a month, I didn't see it. Later, my husband gave me a video, I also said to me in the video, my mother-in-law's legs are not good, and I fell in the hospital. How did I have passed so long? I haven't seen it once? How did I say it at the time?

I am talking about: Hey, there is this, I don't know, but Is this not your big filial son? Also use what I do? My task is that this is brought to the child, let the child study hard to study? Then I still have to say anything, I will hang it directly. What does he play this phone mean? I also understand that it is to let me go to the hospital to help take care of fuck, I advise him to dispel this thought, there is no black, this is a dream. When my husband called, my parents were next to my mother, and they also heard the news of my mother-in-law, I also ran over and complained me, saying that I didn't understand, my mother-in-law was sick, I ran to my mother. I am somewhat, what happened to me hide? I just don't want to see her. When I had anything, she didn't see my shadow. Now she has a lot of things, but I want to take a filial piety for her son, I can do it. In fact, I have no contradiction between my mother-in-law. After all, we can't live together. We don't have a chance to contact, even if we deliberately quarrel, isn't it? What truly made me cold is eight years ago, I have a child, my mother-in-law's family is a standard heavy male light woman. When I just pregnant, I care about me, I care about me from all aspects.

However, because I know that I have a daughter, I directly changed my face 180 degrees. Not to mention this month, I didn't even see it. I let the relatives bring a bag of eggs. Can you tell me that she is like a grandmother? Even if other people's mother-in-law don't want to serve her children, she also knows that she wants to help invite a nephew. The turn is here. She took me with a bag of eggs. From that day, I was completely disappointed with this mother-in-law. I still think silently, I will not go to her in the future. In my life, I don't want to have any relationship with her, just because I am afraid that the days will be so hard to find her for help. I have to go to work during the day. I don't have time to see the child. I simply explain my current situation. I only take less than half of the salary every month. Every day, please go home for a long time to take care of the child. I will give it to me. My parents helped to look at the tube, waiting until the night, then private life, earning some foreign fast subsidies.

My husband is in the rising period of the cause, and I am busy in the dark, I can't go home. Every day, I have to run long distance. I will go home every day. I will catch the plane in the morning. Field. This day is really hard to have more hard work. If I come again, I doubt that I can stick to it. But what about my mother-in-law? Her old man is like a person who is nothing, why do you do it every day? But ask us to be young. Every time I call it, it is not a short-selling clothes. It is to ask us to support the old expenses. As for our two, it is not her concern. Since she didn't come to me when I needed her, she now I have a good thing, why bother to use a hot face to launch a cold butt, rush to run to wait for her? I really don't understand, my husband is still going, how can I feel that I don't know what I do this, is it because I am a daughter-in-law? People have said 30 years of Hedong, 30 years of Hexi, I am not the same here. No matter how my parents advise me, I have insisted that I am consumed in the mother's family, and I will definitely have some broken things for my mother-in-law. When I said, I didn't owe her, she didn't have to have been born, didn't raise me, I didn't have filial piety for her, I went to help it is the reason, I don't want to be this point, no one can say anything. After all, for her cold and cold, the loneliness and helplessness now is my returns to her.

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