When you are in a bad mood, you will read Yang Wei's words.



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In this life, you will be the best practice. As for others, it is not important, and it is not necessary to manage.

Author | Zhong Memun

Source | Zhong Ming (Zhongniannian666)

Sometimes I think about it, people in this life, but just a few decades, what is it really worth we care and?

Do your best, you are already the best practice.

Don't look too heavy, more for yourself, more you live, you naturally live so depressed.

Many people are unhappy, have a big part because it is too much about others' views, too soft, do not know how to refuse others, so they can only be wroned.

Can you do this, is it necessary? A person who doesn't know how to live for himself, how can you find the focus of life, feel the real happiness.

Everyone has a bad mood, sometimes because it is too pressure, I don't know how to do it; sometimes because of interpersonal relationship, I don't know how to deal with it; sometimes because of feelings or work ...

In short, we control the mood and emotions of your own, you can't have the spirit and state.

In the long run, it will not only affect the working conditions and work efficiency of the day, but also surround themselves by negative energy, the more live.

So this situation must learn to properly handle it.

If you often feel anxious, screw, or depressed, you can read the few words of Mr. Yang Wei carefully. She is a wise and transparent hundred-year-old man. She has a lot of words that will make us feel clear.

Not only that, she is still one of the many writers called Mr. Mr. It can be seen in China.

I: If you want to exercise a big thing, you will inevitably make him suffer from suffering, it is not worthy, only so can develop tough personality.

In Yang Hao's view, if a person wants to be successful, the early stage will inevitably have a lot of laying, which represent different levels of experience, test, challenges and hardships.

At this time, you will grind your perseverance and shape your personality.

A person can bear how much pressure and pain, and can stand on how to stand. As spices, you will be sharpen, the finer, the finer, the more strong.

When you are young, you may think that this is some of the hidden chicken soup, but it will find that you will find the true meaning of life.

How much will you pay, you will get a number of returns, you can't stand hard, don't complain about your destiny, let yourself can enjoy.

Two: Although people are small, life is short, but people can learn, can be self-improved, they can be self-improved, people's valuable, they are here.

You never know how much the potential will have, until he endorses his age, should not or unbearable.

I have always believed that the real maturity is independent of age, and it is related to the experience. Some people live for a lifetime, and they have not lived. Some people are young, they will practice a tough, mature and vicissitudes.

If a person is seen, there is nothing to care, because he knows that life is just a matter.

Only the ability to keep up with yourself, cultivate yourself, practice, is based on the world's guarantee. Others, all fake.

As Mr. Yang Wei said: people are really precious, or they are themselves.

Three: The month will lose, the water is full, some love points can be, don't overflow it.

You have to believe that some people appear in your life, just to give you a lesson, from a long life career, he is just a hurry.

It is not worth it, you care so much.

So if you don't have the end, let go, only let the old people go, new people have the opportunity.

Life is coming. If you have to be self-pity every time, it is not a lot of time, missed a lot of landscape.

Four: Your problem is mainly in reading too little, thinking too much.

Many people are active, not because they are unfortunate, but they don't know enough.

If people are idle, they will think too much, but these are just a moment of emotions, and there is no need to be affected by it.

If you really feel very anxious, it's better to calm down, study well.

When you enter another world, many problems will suddenly be open, you will suddenly discover, not what you have encountered, but your own landscape is too small.

Once people think, once they are limited, it is easy to think that the natural collapse is in the collapse. What is it serious? You just think more.

Five: People live in a hundred years old, the world is lighter, and the other world is their own, and it has nothing to do with others.

Mr. Yang Hao is 105 years old. After entering 100 years old, she still insists on reading and writing, she doesn't play, and she is not raising, and the spiritual freedom and soul are enriched.

As early as half of her 80 years old, their husband Qian Zhongshu and daughter's money were diluted because of cancer.

After that, she worked more effort because she felt that she was a person who took three people with three people. The responsibility is bigger.

As she said in "we": I am alone, miss us.

"We are" is a proseset published at the age of 96, and recalls his family's history with his husband Qian Zhongshu, a daughter's money in the form of a memoir.It is enough to tell us what is the best love, marriage and family.

People are living in a hundred years old, the world looks through, she feels the so-called fame and fortune, substances and desires, but only outside the body.

In this life, you will be the best practice.As for others, it is not important, and it is not necessary to manage.

For the rest of your life, I hope that everyone can focus on their own days.When you know how to live for yourself, everything is clear.

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