69-year-old deposit: I will hold the whole home, take care of the mother, and feel the mother of the filial piety

"I want to find my son, I have his favorite book, do you take me to find him, is it good?" "Yugui's mother Jia Wei, holding the hand of Yugui.

"Mom, I am your son, don't you know me?"

The mother is low, regardless of the inquiry of the Yuli, began to mutter.

Yu Cunyi looked at the mother in front of the nerve, I feel that my heart hurts, he quickly sent his mother to the hospital for examination.

On October 27, 2016, the doctor diagnosed: "Jia Wei is stimulated by nerves, plus a cognitive obstacle, this is a precursor of old dementia."

This news is that it is a sunny day, he knows that his mother has become like this, because his father leaves two months ago, giving her a huge blow.

At this time, Yu Cun is in the rising period of human art in Beijing, with a lot of people envy of iron rice bowl.

"Hundreds of good filial piety is the first", in order to take care of the mother better, he resolutely chooses to reduce the workload, accompanying his mother.

Nowadays, 69-year-old, is still in use in action to explain the meaning of filial piety.


"If the time can go back, I am willing to go home with my parents, I will not be with them because I don't know what I don't understand."

When Yu Cunyi was 24 years old, he also used his own young and prosperous, often went out, and did not go home for 2-3 months.

His father is Su Shin (formerly known as the original name), and the popularity of the drama is very high, and has also served as the director of Beijing.

When Yu Cun is decided to take the father old road, the outside world has always felt that "the former people planted the trees". Under the protection of your father, he will definitely get more far.

And just out of the proliferation, I decided to rely on my own strength, and create a piece of self.

I doing this line, it originated in the heart, he didn't want to rely on the title of "Su Shin's son" and was well known by the public.

In order to stay away from the father's control, he would rather go to Beijing, no one knows himself, holding the resume running dragon set, performing on the stage of the theater.

During this time, the number of times the Qu Yuan returned home, and it could be the number.

"When you take care of yourself, when you can't keep it, we will go home, we are waiting for you at home." Knowing the mother of the true idea, every time I want my son, I can only comfort myself like this.

The performance talent of Yu Cunyi is very strong, and it is more integrated with the actors of the same crew from a small and small father's artistic breath.

His ability is obvious, but helpless luck is a little, after all, in this circle, no one is very difficult to develop.

As everyone knows, this is five years, and finally he hardlyys with his own efforts, strive to a starring role, ending the life of the running dragon.

In the drama "Zhou Lang," in the drama, he served as a big one.

In order to better reflect the psychological state of the characters, he read the script over and over again and walks toward the mirror.

That is, through this performance, he not only got a love of his life, but also a new understanding of his life.

The actress Wan Ping and Yu Cun are the relationship between partner cooperation. They often explore the top of Taiwan, and the collision of the soul creation, let the Qu Yuan often passionate.

I learned that Wan Ping has been 30 years old, and it is difficult to understand the sound in the development of feelings.

He has been rushing for many years, and he tastes the human state, and he has eager to return to his family and enjoy the long-lost warmth.

Wan Ping is a look of elevation, such as a girl, her face, often hanging a smile, giving a feeling like a spring breeze.

In this way, the two have left a deep impression on the other party through this cooperation.

The tacit cooperation in the play does not block their exercises because of the end of the drama. Instead, they have become a good friend who does not say nothing.

Yu Cunyi pushed in the career, a brain told Wan Ping, and his little emotions have finally have ventined places.

As a person in the same industry, she knows the hardships. So she always comforted him when she was in the proliferation.

At that time, Wan Ping did not know the true identity of Yu Cun, just thinking that the two had not finished speaking.

As soon as I got it, Yu Cunyi found that he had been inseparable from Wan Ping, and he would like to have the relationship between the two more steps.

"Lang has a love," they naturally walked together.

In love, the two officially entered the marriage of the hall. Walking in a lifetime, is a promise of Wan Ping.


Good love, there will be a nourisher's ingredient.

After marriage, there is a man who is a man in the family. He no longer fights with his parents, and understands the parents' difficult.

It is the luck of a lifetime of a good wife.

In order to let the husband can better develop their own career, Wan Ping made a bigger sacrifice, she gradually reduced her own workload, did a good job in helping the family.

That is, from this time, Yu Cunyi has begun to develop sharply, and also successfully entered Beijing human art, and his father did colleague.

After that, the father introduced him a lot of film and television works in order to make Yu Co's a larger stage.

After the wife after marriage, the wife went to the daughter. Life is in the rising period of Yu Cun, every day is full.

Yuguo has participated in the "Qingliang Temple", "Three Kingdom Romance", "Waiting for the Before", so that everyone is well known. Before running the dragon sets and stage play, giving him a lot of experience, and now his performance has reached the pure level of the fire.

Father has also become a loyal audience of Yugu, often proposes substantive advice in his performance.

Until 1996, Yu Cun was in the TV series "Heroes No Regret", because of the high-day gardener, a battle was famous.

For many years, he finally waited for his opportunity. He excitedly shared the joy of success and thanked their unknown support.

The lanes in the late minus, the career ushered in the peak moment, find the plays and combination of the door, but also countless.

"Husband, you come back soon, my brother is in an accident." Just as a busstly smashed, he received such a news, hurry back home.

At this time, the younger brother Shugang, who had accidents, every family is immersed in a grief.

"White-haired people send black-haired people", for their parents, this is a fatal blow, they can't accept the little son is still 30 years old.

As a long family, Yu Cun is in the heart of the pain, and the brother is hosted. He stuck your parents and my brother, encourage everyone to cheer up, in order to let your brother go to peace of mind.

The sound of the proliferation, he turned and left the room, squatted in a corner of no one, silently wiped the tears of the eye.

This is from a small and his brother, "the hand and foot" is not unreasonable. At this point, he and the younger brother have experienced in his mind.

In 1953, Yu Cun is born in Beijing, raining at home in the home. Sisters have a brother, live in a happy family.

However, when he was very small, he was found to have polio, and it was not possible to walk like a normal child, and the situation was more serious.

In order to treat the disease, his parents hide the famous doctors around the world, and he has given him 5 operations.

When I was in school, I was always "a one-turn", I was "iron-away Li", I always lauginated him.

He became more and more inferior, and every time he was bullied by others, he did not dare to come back.

However, after the brother did not intend to find the brother being bullied, he took the initiative to take the brother's bodyguard. He always used the thin body to be in front of his brother, warn them carefully.

The younger brother watched the legs and sorrows, and they decided to carry him up and down every day.

In the hearts of Yu Co, your brother is his childhood memory, the biggest support.

After that, Yu Cunyi gradually recovered at the careful care of his family, and his legs did not leave sequelae.

"Husband, how are you here?" Yu Cunyi interrupted his thoughts by his wife's shout, at this time, he suddenly detected that tears had blurred his eyes.

Return to the ward, watching the parents lying in bed, he decided to leave more when, leave it to his family.

Therefore, in the peak of his career, Yu Cun is resolutely pushed to a lot of excellent works.

Due to inconvenience, he is discussed with his wife, let his wife take care of the brother and child every day to prevent them from being worried, and I can't think.

At that time, I took care of my parents. At that time, Yu Cun is not guarded around his parents, and it is expected to live in their daily lives.


I have to say that Yu Cunyi is indeed a man who has a responsible. He did his family's stronger back shield at crucial moments.

On the day, he took the teeth of Yugu, he spent the most difficult moment in his family. This moment placed his family in the first place, and finally came over.

Looking at the grief of parents gradually got out of the death, he was very excited, he only hoped that his parents would live well.

At this time, the heart is still yearning to the stage performance. When the family is getting better and better, he decided to develop his own career.

However, the entertainment circle is changing, and the returns to return again discovered that there was no immediate position.

Without a good film, he can only come to the stage of the drama, continue to emissively fever.

After years, the younger brother's children have also grow up, he let his wife persuade brothers and daughters: "If you have something, try, you will still bear the daily expenditure of your brother and child."

Yu Cunyi is the warm existence, but also a support of a family.

In 2015, it is simply a bad news for Yu Co. I thought it was a good day, but I was killed by my father's disease.

Father's diabetes increased blood pressure, and it has been accompanied by him for many years. Until this time, his condition suddenly became serious, and the body of the body began to have edema.

The doctor told that the Cunyi will try to stabilize his father's condition, but the old man is 90 years old, saying that it is impossible to happen, so that Yu Co is ready to prepare.

Under the strong maintenance of Yu Cunyi, the father's condition has been controlled, but the body is not as good as before.

On August 26, 2016, the father left this world forever. He told Yuguang: "I have your son, I am very satisfying. I will take care of my family in the future."

This seven-foot man, the first time I cried, he couldn't accept his father's death.

When I was sad, my wife was always accompanied by him, comforting his uneasy emotions. He always put his father in the heart, remember it in his heart. He picked up the family's heavy responsibility and put his mother in the first place and let her work in his later years.

The love story of the old generation always let us not help but move. Jia Tuan and Su Shi joined hands through the marriage of a lifetime.

At that time, Jiabi's deepest support, and the old man suddenly passed, let her like a person.

When Jia Meng is young, it is a staff member in a bank, and the thinking is agile.

Now she, when I change my past, I don't think about tea every day, I don't think about the photos of my wife, and I don't send it.

"Maybe in her heart, countless oblacled Suimin, why should I drop myself?"

Long-term missions, mothers have a symptom of missem, and often unclear. I will even leave home, just like Su Dao in the TV series "very good".

In the heart of Yu Co, he can't accept the death of his family. He received his mother with his wife, decided to give his mother, no matter what she became what she became.

While taking care of your mother, Yu Cunyi also found that his body is also great. He is not a young guy, at this time, he has already been a grandfather.

He always feels the body discomfort, and go to the hospital to do a comprehensive medical examination in the hospital under the request of his wife and daughter.

The doctor made him can't overworked, otherwise he would have a big problem early in the morning.

After discharged, Yu Cun, still insisted on taking care of his mother and filial piety before the bed.

It is not a babysitter, but because I have been in front of the babysitter, because of your care, let the mother go to the bathroom on the night, accidentally fall.

Since then, he is not assured to give his mother to anyone. He is willing to teach her mother like a child, patiently teach her. Just like a child, she patience himself.

The filial piety of Yu Cun is, let the family look in the eyes. In order to let your father rest, daughters and son-in-law often help their father, take care of grandmother.

Under the efforts of the whole family, the mother gradually recovered memory, she could clearly call the name of the family, and she had an impression in the past.

"Mother is in life," Yugui uses his own filial piety, creative miracles, and has gone to the mother.

I wish the old artists of Deyi Shuangxin, and the future life is getting better and better.

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