The little girl looks at the bride's 20,000 wedding rings, the mother-in-law fails, the wedding is "battlefield"

Lead: Parents are the first teacher of the child, and they can affect the child's life. A good home, relationship between life.

Rely on your own hands, don't steal, don't grab anyone. Doing any work is very glory.

Baishan filial piety is the first, home and everything, the most important thing is to talk about integrity, do not sneak touch, learn more to be more tolerant, is kind to yourself.

A family or family's prosperity requires a few generations to pay for a hundred years. The good family is critical. The next generation will continue to grow several generations, and will will thrive.

Teaching people, do not ask the child to have a high diploma, which is required to have a good morality.

A good family will inevitably make a different sate. The bad home is destined to become a joke after others.

It is taught us from a small family education: don't steal, don't scam. But what should I do if I have a bad home? It's really dumb to eat yellow, I can't say it!

If you know how to know the importance of the family's three-view, you can avoid many family contradictions, in a lot of things, it is not a matter of money, it is human and three questions! In fact, there is no relationship with the poor, with character, emotional, and three views.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a sense of three views and have a certain reason. The poor family, you marrying that he will not be grateful to you, but feel that you have a good confidence. Anything is wrong, you have to know the wrong energy change, not the shocked responsibility, don't admit it, you won't look at the problem correctly, meet such a family is really difficult to suffer ...

01. Wonderful family.

Qing Qing's family is very wonderful. It feels so that the people in their family are not ridiculous, and the sunny sigh of the past few months is helpless. It is really very very. Tired.

Sometimes I am too uncomfortable in my heart, I really want to find someone to complain, but I think about it, I'm going to be in my stomach, I will slowly digest, so I am afraid that others say it will be sold. There is too much such thing, and Qing Qing feels very helpless to his wife. The relatives of my mother-in-law and the neighbors have not been able to have a good time. My mother-in-law is in the mother-in-law. Qingqing often feels tired.

On this day, relatives have been married. It is normal for the close relatives. In addition to nearby, one is only one, and the mother-in-law is going to take Qing Qing and the little augs of Qing Qing.

"Don't take the event, spend money, go to eat, alone eat, eat, three people eat."

Under the helplessness, Qingqing can only go with a little augster and mother-in-law, and the customs have a gift to eat and eat a banquet.

Qing Qing is shocked, the above is the amount of 51,000, the mother-in-law actually only went wrong ... Qing Qing felt very shameful, the main family is very unpleasant, Qing Qing pulls her mother-in-law to say

"How to get 50 yuan, we are three people"

Mother-in-law is very calm

"When I was a little augler, they came to our home, and they came in and now!"

Such a wonderful thing is simple.

But what happened to make sunny weather, it was originally fine, just felt that the mother-in-law buckled Soso, I didn't expect my mother-in-law and little augler to make such a shame ...

02. At the wedding, the little augster is questioned to take the ring.

They went to the back of the back to see the bride who was making makeup, the bride is dressing, next to a lot of decoration and jewelery.

They have been in love with each other, and they are not happy because they have just been in the dinner table, and the bride has not yet played. It is estimated that the banquet will be able to start.

It is very bored that it has been in the past 20 minutes, and he didn't wait until a little aunt and mother-in-law. I didn't know where they got.

The company declared everyone on the red carpet. "The marriage is still ten minutes, please let us hold the seat, let us look forward to the most beautiful bride today."

Qing Qing gives the mother-in-law and a grandfather, left and other right, etc., waiting for five minutes, they are rushing to run.

Everyone is waiting for the beautiful bride's admission, and suddenly makeup people run into the sunny direction, shouting loudly

"You you ... isn't there a ring of our bride!"

Everyone looked at them, the Qing Qing said "Ah? I am not! I have been sitting here!"

The makeup artist will say "oh! Not you" makeup artist says "Do you take the bride's ring?"

The little aunt is talking about "No! Who is you saying that I will take it? This is called."

Makeup artist is very urgent, she said

"We have seen that you have taken it, come out, 20,000 yuan, we do half a year of salary! The ring is dropped."

The makeup artist's head has emerged a lot of soybean sweat.

Everyone is watching them three people, finger pointing, Qingqing just wants to find a hole drill.

03. The mother-in-law is a small grandfather, and the wedding has become a battlefield!

My mother-in-law said "Who saw it? Let her come out!"

At this time, the mother-in-law hurriedly said that "seeing the marriage is more than a minute, missing the Ji Ji can be bad. Let's take a gift, will you take your ring? Maybe someone is shouting

Thief? Hurry and take a wedding first! Take a closer look "

The makeup artist helplessly is difficult, rush to the ants on the hot pot, and the group turns.

The owner said

"You don't have to be a round field, the wedding is postponed for an hour, the truth will soon know. There is a pinhole camera in the house. This can be innocent. If you have a drill, it is a motor, which makes people have a machine." I saw the bride on the front of the wedding screen, and after I left, my mother-in-law and little augler began to invest in the bride's jewelry. Later, my mother-in-law said while chatting with the makeup artist, and the little augster secretly opened the box and took the ring. Get up, put the decoration ring next to it in the box ...

Qing Qing is really helpless, the most shy thing in life is not too much, mother-in-law actually does not admit it, like a spascular woman.

"Photos can be p, videos are definitely you p! You ..."

The company quickly came to the mood of the mother-in-law. I didn't expect my mother-in-law or not, this is simply the same situation in the TV series. The little girl looks at the bride's 20,000 wedding rings, and the mother-in-law fails, the wedding became "battlefield".

My mother-in-law and little aughett are round, the owner and they are arguing, and finally the owner can only alarm handling.

Qing Qing feels that he is really unlucky, encountering such a thing. I should not come to eat this banquet.

I have encountered a homemaster, I feel helpless, but I can't do anything. A home is not positive, and it is a joke in the eyes of relatives and friends, not welcoming, so something is not good. How does a home style directly affect his next generation, truly determine the ability of the child's destiny, there are people!

A family is very important, and a woman has a three-view family is also a lucky.

The native family is really important! My mother-in-law is really destroyed three generations, because she brought to the entire family of family members! A good woman's wife is married and it is white! People who have experienced people will experience!

The economy is still a second, the three views are not too painful. Is a person who is not good, don't stir the family's familiar to accept the never experienced thoughts.

The door to the door is a generation of the elderly. Clear the other family.

There is an old thing, our young people bring their children, do their own things, away from the old, the old man without morality can't be warm, this is the old man inevitably faced. Don't let this negative energy old man affect future generations, stay away is the best way, and build a atmosphere in your own small family.

From self. You can look for better half of yourself. Behind two excellent individuals are two excellent families. How can a small family of small families in such an excellent family?

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