54-year-old woman crying: Husband because I don't agree with the same room, I am going to marry me.


Can the husband and wife really reside? In fact, between husband and wife can't be separated. Once you have to drive, you will have a variety of questions, so there is no matter what the husband and wife, you have to live together, even if the two often quarrel, but also live together, This will not lead to the difference between the two people, and will not betray the marriage because the other party is not accompanied by the side, so I hope everyone must understand this, take good care of their marriage.

A 54-year-old aunt crying: "Husband, because I didn't agree with the continued stay, he made a divorce, I really didn't understand, I did wrong, I just want to make a good sleep. , Is this wrong? "

Let's take a look at this story.

Ms. Pan / 54 years old

I am 54 years old. I have married my husband for more than 30 years. We raised three children. When I was young, I had a lot to pay for these three children, and I have no matter how much it is much more tired. Resentment, but a resentment for them.

The previous life is very bitter, but I didn't let three children have been wronged. We would rather hungry, nor hungry, children, so I think we are a great parent. At that time, I also hope that the child will grow up, I can understand myself, don't give me trouble or stress, because I think of my later years, I have to enjoy life, I don't want to pay for them.

Who knows, I just retired my three children who have been excused by work, and all three children will be brought, and these three grandson is naughty. When she takes them every day, I have to be half of it. Life.

At that time, my wife would not let me not have a child, don't distress them again, I have to enjoy life well in my old age, not to continue to pay for the child, so it will only let the child get the foot.

But I just don't listen, although I am very reluctant to help my children, but I will refuse, because I can't bear to look at these three grandson no one, I can't bear to have a pressure, so I think I think I am a very good mother, I am clear before, I will not pay for them. As they need, I refused again, sometimes I feel that I don't live in alone, but there is any way Yes, who makes me a mother, so I have to help, so I am a qualified mother.

Because of this matter, my wife has quarreled with me many times. Because the old man thinks that his old age is his own, not the child, and since I brought the grandson, I always ignored the feelings of my wife, so my wife is very uncomfortable. Sometimes he wants to take me, the two people can't get it, because you have to take grandson, granddaughter, grandson.

At that time, my wife also often ran to complain with my children, let my children took the child, but my children didn't listen, but also said that parents paid the child to the child.

At that time, my wife was relieved by them, and later, he couldn't help but accept this fact.

However, since I brought three grandson, I have been tired every day, and the head is also particularly painful, because these three children are always noisy, let me feel very tired.

Have a few times, these three children have poured me to the torture, and I still live in the hospital for a week. I was very distressed at the time, and I kept advised me, let me send the grandson, but I don't want to I am afraid that I will hate my child, so I don't dare to send three grandson.

I also take care of these three children, take care of for four years, I am also particularly tired in these four years, and our husband and wife have a lot of feelings, because it is too tired, so I will care about my wife. Like the previous, often do the meals of him, because of this, he usually does not help me with grandson, and the housework does not help me share, all things are my own, then I feel that my wife is Selfish, before the mouth sounds, I love me, but because the grandson's things are complained throughout the day, and I don't have a distressing me, so I am really disappointed with him.

The most exactly, sometimes he is still forcible for me to do something I don't want to do, I have been tired of him, I have to be like this, really don't think about my feelings.

Every time I married him, he always said: "This is the responsibility and obligation of his wife. Do you have any qualifications? Do you know that your behavior is selfish, although you are tired, but you can't forget I, and your tuggles are yourself, I advise you to continue to help you, but you don't listen, you have to continue to love them, they get love, but what did you get? They are all tired and disappointed, are you really interesting? I have to enjoy it in my old age, but you are thinking about them. People like you are really alive. "

When I was said with my wife, I was angry. I felt that my wife really didn't have a conscience. It is my own child. Why do you want to say such a thing, do you help your child should not be? At the time, he specially got to pay for the family, and it also loves these three children. After the old, it has become very unwilling to pay, I don't know my children, how can I have such self? Father?

Later, because of this thing, I was almost a month with him. Anyway, he didn't come to me. In addition to doing something wrong, he would never care about me. . At that time, I was more and more disappointed with him. In order not to let yourself be so tired, I will make a housing in order to take these three children.

Because I only have a housing, I don't have to worry about rest, and if I know that I bake my room, he still ran to present some of the requirements of the face, then I decisively refused him, no longer as before Always converging him.

As a result, he was rejected by me, and I brought me a divorce directly. I also said that I didn't mean with me. I replied directly: "Is your own too selfish, what is it? I said that I am not refused to have anything? Wrong, I just want to take a good rest. "

Old companion: "Don't say so much, you must divorce, I don't want to have this life, I don't want to make some betrayal things, so I think the divorce is better, so you can free, no need to face it again I am. "

I heard the old companion, I am very speechless, I always feel that he is unreasonable, but he is very serious, now I really don't know what to do, how can I do it in the end? satisfy?


In fact, the old man does not have to pay so much for the child. After all, the children have grown up. Their things have themselves. If they are worried too much, they will only lead to their own life, and they will lead to their own bodies. So I hope that the elderly must understand this, don't wait until regret it, I know the fault.

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