The repent of the 36-year-old woman: After being forgiven to return to the family, it officially tasted the hardships of the marriage.


For the betrayal of marriage, what kind of consequences can least afford?

This affair toxic sweet cake, no one would like to try, but not everyone has the courage to bite on one, because the consequences of not everyone can afford.

Derailed those who "try to put poison", although seemingly a fearless look, but in reality are worried about the derailment was discovered, fear of the other half with their divorce.

However, many times, without more ado the end of the marriage, but is derailed by the most benevolent approach.

, Apathy after the pardon was the most terrible divorce and compared.

36-year-old Danielle, is a derailment seek her husband "forgive" the woman, life can return to the family after the not so good.

Dani and her husband in the third year of marriage, she derailed.

At that time, the children just a year old, because her husband work assignment, has been more than six months did not go home.

Possibly with a baby too hard, all kinds of trivial life annoying, or is it a lonely intolerable, the face of the man's extramarital care, she chose to accept.

At first, she did not intend to be a lover and long-term development.

Slag little to say that is just not in the days of her husband's companionship, there is a loneliness of people. So her husband came home from work ended, she flew lover and draw a line down to live.

However, this feeling has always been a difficult thing to control. With the increase of the number of derailment, she gradually dependence lovers.

So then transferred back to the work of her husband, for good due diligence to her and the children, I can not let her give up extramarital emotional, carrying her husband and lover affair lasted three years, until her husband was arrested in force.

Because she was wrong earlier, so the face of accusations of her husband, she is suffering from abuse, but will be forgiven.

After the beatings tear for some time, her husband finally decided to accept her children again. However, Dani found, their lives never be the same as it once was.

Although she has really return to the family, her husband, his best gentle, even to the point of servility, the attitude of her husband is always cold.

Derailed things will never turn articles.

Husband saying one thing in the past even if the. It can be as long as a quarrel, or derailed the plot appears on television, he was cynical to take her things for the Road.

This sense of powerlessness, so Dani was very sorry: thought to be forgiven will be able to start over. Who knows forgiven return to the family, was formally tasted bitter extramarital empathy.


In many people's consciousness, it can be forgiven as long as the derailment partner, life can return to the original track, and move on.

However, difficult broken mirror ends it.

This mirror broken marriage, even piece together the original shape, cracks also still exist. Together derailed again experienced feelings, and only good, not ever.

Woman will know sooner or later, compared with the divorce, the derailment of these two points is the most difficult to bear pain:

First, a woman derailment will be forever tainted.

"Zuo Zhuan", said: "People are not err too and had no change of the hell.."

People make mistakes.

Many mistakes, because the parties can promptly repent and be forgiven. Only in the woman derailment this matter, never less than rare secular tolerance.

Some women may also feel injustice: how can a man derailed return to the family, it is the prodigal son to stay. Woman derailment, it is destined to be a nasty shock, never recovers?

Not so much why.

Circulated a problem for thousands of years of history, it is impossible because some of the people and speaks change.

Like men must prepare the bride price to marry a wife and was responsible breadwinner same.

Love, this is your situation I would do. Why man should earn good money in this society, to assume the high price bride price, the important task of making money to support their families?

You and I are all mortal, destined to rule in such a society, the life of this sub-subdivision.

And marriage is for life never betray a game.

Once a woman destroyed the rules of the game, betrayed marriage, then the infidelity of infamy would like a shadow accompanied by a woman's life. Tibet is not up, but also throw off.

Like "Water Margin" in the Pan.

Died nearly a thousand years, is still nailed to the historical pillar of shame, the world was cast aside.

Second, to bear her husband's indifference.

Have seen such a street interview: marriage, what kind of damage can not stand?

Both men were interviewed. The answer is surprisingly consistent, just can not stand his wife's betrayal.

For men, he had no money, no rights can be at home when his wife ancestors like for them, except his wife and another man can not accept a relationship.

The face of his wife's betrayal, 80% of men would not hesitate to choose divorce. Only 20% of men willing to families and children, choose to forgive.

But this is just the excuse the behavior no longer held, to accept on the surface, but inside is extremely repulsive, and even disgust.

So we often find, return to the family of the woman who made her husband to forgive, and unhappy marriage. No matter how to please her in every possible way, truly repentant, can not change her husband's indifference.

This inability of marriage, often more unbearable.

There are some men, from his wife as a punching bag. A little goes wrong, just beaten his wife, all kinds of insulting language blurted out.

And his wife just did not want a divorce, and forbearance have to endure, could not bear to have to endure.

Over time, the marriage only has endless torture, slowly consumes the lives of two people.


It is cool, and the crematorium after the event.

Compared with the consequences brought by the track, it is really not worth mentioning, and women don't want to be sweet for marriage, destroy their own calm life.

Marriage is over the day.It is destined to have a case where the oily salt is rushing for the firewood, and even the couple is more than possible.

If it is just because of the loneliness of loneliness, it is necessary to betray the marriage, then you have to live in the place within the sight?

This is obviously unrealistic.

When men fight for families, as a wife, it should be lonely, and can afford him.

The marriage is said to be a process that is constantly sacrificing and constantly harvesting.

Only if you have a loneliness, you can keep your bustling.

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