People who often intercepted you, don't wait any more


It is probably many people envy, you can always accompany the old couple, rather than just a blessings of love.

A love, even how beautiful it meets, mostty like idol dramas is romantic, but it will eventually maintain love or companionship.

Even because of some special reasons, there must be no two people can't live in a place.

You can also send information by phone, give each other time to accompany.

Accompanying, not only two people are greasy together, but also to two people, let the hearts of each other are further close.

In fact, talking about love is also looking for another procedure, and love is because there is a resonance between each other.

A couple who can have a long time, must be more topic, you can talk.

So, you want to have a common topic, or you need time to communicate both sides, accompanying in love is especially important part.

In a love, companion is very important.

Even if life is busy, it is also to take a part of time, and get along with people who love.

If you are in a feeling, you find that the other party is always very busy. When you find him, there is always no time.

But you will be able to take the time to find him even if you are busy.

At this time, I need to think about whether the other party really likes you, is it still willing to continue with you?

Especially, if there is any situation, I will disappear, and he may not put you in your heart at all.

The man who really loves you will not care about you, let alone, let you even find him for a while, don't want you to worry.

One party is broken, it is anxious, worried, scared.

So, this side of this side love is deeper, which of which may not be so love.

If you are in the other half, it is often broken, so don't continue this love.

Because he loves you enough, you are also anxious and waiting.


It's not enough to interrupted, it's not enough, it is a can have no existence.

Drafting is not found, or if you send a message for a long time.

Such a situation may be because of being angry, it may be because there are too many things, it may be because of the problems.

But as long as it cares, you will send a message in advance to tell the other party, and the other side is afraid that the other side is worried.

Although it is said that women often do not return to their news, they don't care for boyfriend, but general time will not last.

Women are more sensual. When you don't care, you are also very sad, she is in a torment process.

When a woman will not last long, I will not hold you, I will reply you, as long as a woman is willing to return to your message, it means that it is not so angry.

But for men, once there is a case of disconnection, it is likely that this woman is in his heart, not so important.

If you suddenly appear, I am very attentive to you, it is likely that he suddenly remembers you, because no one has accompany him.

His reasonable time is not willing to care about you, actually I don't want to be bothered by you.

If you want to open your heart, or more important than you, you need his company.

Perhaps, you will feel that he is really busy, because work is very annoying, you want yourself quiet.

In fact, this is the excuse you gave him.

A person really cares about you, even if you are busy, take a minute for a minute to say it. It's just that he is willing to do it.

People who are often broken, indicating that you can have no things in his heart, you can say goodbye to him.


Love needs to respect each other.

Even if the other party has a bad place, don't break, you have to communicate well.

Some couples or couples, when two people argue or different opinions;

One party will use a broken way, or can be said to be a cold treatment.

Although, in this way, sometimes it can solve the problem, allowing the other party to think about their own problems.

However, the relationship between the two will have no promotion.

In love, the first thing to do is respect for each other.

The status of both parties is the same, whether it is a woman or a man, don't let yourself be too humble in love.

There is a problem between two people, which is very common.

Even if you live together, you can't guarantee that you don't quarrel in your lifetime, let alone love people with blood relationships.

In fact, the quarrel is not terrible, focusing on solving the quarrel.

Some people will take cold treatment and will break the disappearance for a while, but the consequences of doing this are farther away.

Some people have taken the way of communication after quarrel, and they are angry with each other and solve this problem.

If you choose to break, escape the quarrel, then the next time, it is likely to be a quarrel because this problem occurs.

So, even if you meet the problem, you should also choose to communicate to solve, not to choose to escape.

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