After the girl works alone, when I get married, my mother wants her to pay the house to my brother.

Before the daughter bought this house, the parents tried to oppose this, and saw her daughter insisted on buying this house. The mother put forward a request, that is, let the daughter buy the brother's name!

Mothers don't think that their practices have any improper, but think that daughters are too obey. She has repeatedly expressed his longer to persuade her daughter to buy her brother's name, and two people are still available.

The daughter was afraid of this, because she knows what the house bought in the name of the brother. After the daughter bought the room, the mother had an angry and refused her to enter.

After the two sides have experienced this, the relationship can be described as sharply. With the two years, everyone's relationship is slightly eased, and when the daughter is about to marry your boyfriend, it is surrounding the home of this house. And the mother of the mother is quarreled.

It turned out that the mother asked her daughter to leave the house to my brother, because my brother is now not married for more than 30 years old, and the assets under the name are only a two-story house in the village!

"Zhang Li" was born in 1990, she has a brother than her six-year-old, although there is a son girl, but parents are very biased, and they are also treating for their daughters. Sometimes some parents who prefer my son are reluctant to cover up in front of my daughter, because my daughter has already habits.

Zhang Li remembered that when he read the second grade of elementary school, Zhang Li went to a market with his parents in the New Year. At that time, Zhang Li wanted to eat a string of five-fur coating, and then the parents not only refused to buy, but also said that Zhang Li was remembered. Just in love: What do you want to eat, I will grow up and buy it!

After the rejection of the mother, she didn't put it in my heart, but I saw that my mother didn't hesitate to buy two new clothes for my brother, and after a bag of potato, Zhang Liusi still remembered.

Before Zhang Lichu, the clothes wearing a few sisters were all left. Sometimes clothes were repeatedly played with patches. After the position of the patch was broken, they were restored to play a patch.

After reading the junior high school, Zhang Li was gradually dressing up his own dress. For this, she made a temper for her many times, and her mother bought her two new clothes. When I bought this two clothes, Zhang Li saw that my mother was very reluctant.

After graduating from junior high school, the mother did not want Zhang Li to study. On the one hand, the school is far from the village. On the other hand, it is hoped that Zhang Li will take the migrant worker to help the home to reduce the pressure.

When Zhang Li did not agree with this request, the mother has already introduced her in the trustee. Therefore, Zhang Li demanded that the idea of ​​reading, and her mother had serious disagreement.

The mother believes that Zhang Li is looking for a good family to marry, and it will not be poor than reading. But Zhang Li did not think so, she told her mother to learn his school, but her mother has always emphasized her own point of view, and did not give Zhang Li to the opportunity.

Zhang Li's first time and fierce quarrel is because of his own reading. After the parents agreed to this, but when gave Zhang Li, the father claimed that she didn't know if she had to pay the accommodation, so she didn't have enough money.

I know that my father is looking for a reason. Zhang Li has been persuading his father, but his father always told Zhang Li, he didn't bring enough money. Why does Zhang Li do not let my father go home to pay? Because she knows that her father is just not willing to pay myself.

That day, Zhang Li and his father stayed in the school at the school. Finally, after Zhang Li's guarantee, he will return his parents from the small flower to her, and the father went around the school and told Zhang Li to borrow money.

After returning home with my father, I learned that Zhang Li was in the school to sign up, the mother was reluctant to read, and did not understand them.

In fact, parents are completely capable for her reading. For example, Zhang Li's brother has already had social migrant workers, and parents have fixed work. Zhang Li's family belongs to the medium in the village.

After Zhang Li's high school, the school gave a scholarship every year, let her help her parents a lot of pressure, but also let her learn from. Relying on occasionally relatives to relatives, Zhang Li will not ask his parents as much as possible.

Relatives knew that Zhang Li's family, but he didn't advise Zhang Li's parents. After all, this is someone else's family, seeing Zhang Li is so sensible, relatives also help her as much as possible.

After the college entrance examination, Zhang Li immediately went to an electronics factory to work, she was preparing her university fees. Why do she have to be able to take a university? Because Zhang Li's academic performance has been in the top ten in the class, she has a bottom gas.

When she took the college entrance examination notice home, her mother still told the same girl in the same village, and there were many good days. Subsequently, Zhang Li did not move, the mother said such a sentence, I have to go to the university, but I don't stop you at home, but we don't have money for you, you want to think about it!

The first year of tuition is asking for the relatives of the restaurant. When the relatives borrow money to Zhang Li, I didn't tell the parents, because Zhang Li's parents learned about this, will affect The relationship between the two people.

When someone else enjoys the school's campus time, Zhang Li is so tired to walk in school, dormitory, and part-time work place. In order to be able to complete the school, Zhang Li University has no leisure time in four years.

After Zhang Li University graduated, he returned to his hometown.

Because it is too strong, it is also very serious and hard to do things, so Zhang Li has been promoted to the departmental supervisor after returning to a company in his hometown. After a certain amount of savings, Zhang Li considers ending his own rental life. After she read a second-hand housing, she immediately started to go home to raise the down payment.

After knowing the news that the daughter is about to buy a house, the parents immediately published their own opinions, no!

Parents think that Zhang Li will move back to her husband's home after marriage, and there is no need to buy it. For this idea of ​​parents, Zhang Li did not argue with them. After all, everyone got along so many years.

I saw my daughter's insistence to buy a house, my parents didn't stop it, but I would like to pay a sponsorship, but there is a premise, that is, you must use the name of Zhang Lizhi. In the case of his parents, Zhang Li bought this two-bedroom house.

Although the house is small, it is a home that can bring security to Zhang Li. After the parents knew this matter, they did not say that they did not say, and they were still talking in front of relatives. There was no Zhang Li this daughter in the future.

When Zhang Li returned home to visit his parents, his parents didn't be joking. They really didn't let Zhang Li entered the door, and I lost Zhang Liz to my face.

Because of this matter of buying a house, Zhang Lihua has been slightly eased with his parents for two years, but as Zhang Li is about to marry, her relationship with his parents has turned sharply.

When Zhang Li and her boyfriend, the parents asked her husband to pay 200,000 color gifts, but under Zhang Li's coordination, the price of color has dropped to 150,000. After the two sides talked about these conditions, the marriage of Zhang Li and her boyfriend was so finalized.

But when I didn't think that Zhang Li had a worship, my parents suddenly found Zhang Li and then said this.

Parents said that Zhang Li's brother has not yet homoked people in the past 30, namely the self-construction room in the village, so I hope that Zhang Li will leave the house to my brother, then the mother also said, as long as Zhang Li agreed If you are transferred, they will immediately settle the tail of this house.

It said that the last mother also gave Zhang Li made a promise, after the house, although in the name of my brother, Zhang Li can come in.

When Zhang Li refused her mother, the words may be some direct, so it has led to subsequent things. Zhang Li told the mother that his brother is still nothing in more than 30 years old. There is a big part of the reason for itself, paying the house to my brother, and can't change his actions and many lifestyles of each month.

I heard Zhang Li began to say that my brother came, my mother said that I gradually began to get rid of it, and then the two sides ended the conversation.

After another time I refused to give my brother again, my parents and my brothers not only refused to attend the wedding, but also let the relatives do not attend the wedding. When the behavior of parents, when Zhang Li married, there was no mother to attend.

For the mother's behavior, Zhang Li is very calm, as if I have known this. Afterwards, Zhang Li did not contact his parents again, and both sides did not contact us in this way.

Zhang Li married in 2020, until January 2022, the mother's family did not contact her, and she did not contact his parents and brothers.

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