Between the gender, is it more active, happier, what do you think?

What is the happiest thing in our life? How many people are thinking about having a happy thing, but we have the master, there are special, have a general, what kind of thing is the happiest, the highest level of happiness? How to get along with both sexes, will it be more happier? People with people are an art, but also what we will constantly think that there will be more ideas, then we will act again, such a happy index will burst.

Today, I hinted to talk to everyone, what is the art, between gender? How to get along with more harmonious and happy, we don't think much, don't go to the snake to add enough, after all, it seems simple, in fact, it is not simple. People's thinking is different, the ideas are different, how can the process be the same? The result is naturally more different, this is believed that many people can understand.

We think that when we go to school, how do you get along with the male and female class? Is it a general advantage of girls to be strong than boys, this is certain. The weak woman is like this, because there is a weakness, there will be more happiness, because weakness, will get more support, there will be more beautiful reality, this is the gap, after all, girls Unlike boys. The girl is healthy is the one that needs to be protected. Does the boys don't want to be a caravan? So this is not better, we have to know that it is better to get along with each other, with generous students, help girls, less than that, such classmates will be better, and the most memorable memories.

In the society, our colleagues in our work, how do you get along? When you want to be close, you will do it, is it good to vote. I want to think about my brain every day, what do she like? What is hobby? If I send her a gift, I will not accept it, because you want to pursue her, so you will think of a lot, because this pursuit, what you see is the future, is it you become you? Girlfriend? Therefore, boys will more active, there will be more creation possible.

When we are in love, what do you think is to get along with your girlfriend, is it to get along with your heart, is it true to find the feeling of love? I love a person to think about a person, really thinking a lot, so there will be more gains, after all, love is sacred, love is how much you think, then do more, this There will be more beautiful. Because I pay, there will be rewards, how can I return? This is the value of love, the charm of love, love and love are happy, but who pays more, there will be unlimited possibilities, unlimited space exploration, what do you think?

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