Kai Cheng Capital won the "Peng Orange Award · Annual Medical Health Financial Consultant Institution"

On June 15, 2022, the arterial network and the Eggshell Research Institute released the list of "Top 100 Future Medicine of the 2022", and the Chinese story of the data seemed to see the innovative of medical health. Among them, WinX Capital won the 2022 "Peng Orange Award · Medical Health Financial Consultant Award" with excellent performance and excellent reputation.

Founded in 2015, the "Fortune Medical Top 100 List" is the first domestic list of innovative medical fields for non -listed companies launched by VB100, arterial network, and egg shell research institute. Innovative medicalists have discovered the core force of my country's future medical industry and promoted the process of innovation and change in the health and medical industry. Over the past seven years, the Fortune 100 list system has continuously enriched the list of medical care. It has gradually established a global innovative medical and health ecological list for enterprises, investment institutions, hospitals, and industrial parks. Annual selection. WinX Capital is China's leading investment bank in the leading big health field. Five of the founding teams are the Global Financial PhD in the Wudaokou Financial College of Tsinghua University. The front -line team has an average 10+ annual management and investment mergers and acquisitions experience. The cumulative investment and acquisition amount exceeds 30 billion yuan. Headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai, it covers more than 3,000 active investment institutions and industrial groups. In 2020 and 2021, it was continuously rated as "WISE2020/2021 China's Most Growth and New Investment Bank TOP 5" in China. The best financial advisory agency TOP 2 "and" Best Financial Consultant-Active List TOP 10 "in 2021, the first new voice" The most active financial advisory TOP 4 "in the medical and health sector in 2021. In more than a year, Kai Cheng Capital completed the financing/mergers and acquisitions of more than 50 heavy projects and star projects, including: the Pre-IPO round of 1.015 billion yuan), Haichuang Pharmaceutical (C round 10 10) 100 million yuan), Hua Hao Zhongtian (Pre-IPO round 890 million yuan), Xuanzhu creature (B round 6+ billion yuan), Huisheng creature (500 million yuan A round), Heyuan creature (B round 450 million yuan ), Runsheng Pharmaceutical (C -round series 400 million yuan), green bamboo creature (round B round 350 million yuan, B+round 120 million yuan), homogenic Kang (round C round 330 million yuan), Xiantong Pharmaceutical (D+round 3.2 3.2 ), Vitamin creature (round D round 300 million yuan), Jinbin gene (round A round 200 million yuan), Qiyu creature (nearly 200 million yuan in round), Ansu creature (B round 30 million US dollars, B+round 6000 6000 Ten thousand dollars), Huajian's future (hundreds of millions of B ++ rounds), good mood (200 million yuan C round), Changxi Pharmaceutical (nearly 200 million yuan), Huaxin Medical (hundreds of millions of A round, hundreds of millions of yuan, hundreds of millions of yuan A+round), Li Kai Technology (BMING several hundred million yuan, B+round of hundreds of millions), Ao Subo Xin, Ajan, Huijian Technology, Arthur Medicine, Zhongyin Technology, Bay Ryo, Victoro Zhiyuan, Victoria, and Victoria,, Victoria Zhiyuan, Vi Zhuo Zhiyuan, Victoria, and Victoria,, Victoria Zhiyuan, Vi Zhuo Zhiyuan, Vi Zhuo Zhiyuan, Victoria, and Victoria,, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria, and Victoria,, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria, Victoria, and Victoria,, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria, Victoria, and Victoria,, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria Zhiyuan, Victoria, Victoria, Tongmu Valley (A+, B round), Kun Kun Smart, Tu Yin image, Wanjie Tianyuan, Midea immediately, Anson Technology, Julong Medical, Monroe Biology, Benino and other dozens of financing The transaction quickly occupied the industry's absolute leading position. For those who are always successful, the pedestrian is often arrived. Kai Cheng Capital sincerely thank all media friends and every partner! Thanksgiving and trust, live up to the entrustment. In the future, we will continue to take the values ​​and concepts of "helping customers find the most suitable investment and development solutions", adhering to the values ​​and concepts of "long -term companionship, working together, pursuing more win -win", take the wind and waves, and go to the wind and go. Grow up together and continue to build a considerable return for investment institutions!

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