How does depression judgment?What are the assessment tools?

Is ordinary unhappy are depression? It is not that simple, depression takes a significant and long-lasting state of mind, and in general, it is very long, at least two weeks, almost every moment is very low every moment. Some people will have a self-injury or suicide behavior, and depression is a typical manifestation of depression, what is the symptom of depression?

Usually, depression is as low as a low mood, slow thinking, and loss of will. Due to the difference in individuals, the symptoms shown in each depression patient will also be different, but more less are inseparable from this Several more typical symptoms.

Patients with depression often feel desperate to this world, can't be interested in anything, there is no way to attract his attention, and the words of happiness may have been far away from them. Thinking is slow, the reaction is slow, the words are reduced, and the tea does not want to think. There will also be a certain obstacle on the body, and insomnia is a common thing, weight loss, insufficient energy, sexual dysfunction, etc. may appear.

Once you have a symptom of depression, you must see your doctor in time. If you can't judge, you can try to use some gadgets to assist, the clinically used self-evaluation schedule includes 9 items simple patient health questionnaire, Zung depression patient self-evaluation Scale, BECK depression, fast depression symptoms self-evaluation questionnaire, etc. The self-evaluation table can assist you to judge the severity of his depression, but can not replace clinical diagnosis, do not self-study autonomous, have symptoms to do early medical treatment, so as not to occur.

In the clinical practice, he has a review table including the Hamilton depression table, the Meng Garri depression, etc., this is the doctor's use, comprehensively evaluating the depression symptoms of patients, or combined with self-assessment measures to use, mutual Verify, further judgment. In addition, when diagnosing depression, other auxiliary tools are also commonly used, including suicide risk assessments, feasible risk assessments, drug complimentary assessment scale, etc., can help doctors to further judgment for patients Mad, diseases have an assessment of the effects of social functions, and the compliance of drugs.

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