The work of Sichuan "Internet+Medical and Health" was ranked first in the western part of the typical case of national notifications

Chuanguan News reporter Wei Feng

On June 9, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Health and Health Commission that the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission recently issued the "Notice on Notice on Commending the Typical Cases of Digital Health (Second Batch)", from the construction and application of the national health information platform, "Internet+ Internet+ In the five aspects of medical and health applications, development of health medical big data, intelligent application of emerging technology, and data security, 100 typical cases in the country are selected for publicity and praise. Among them 4, ranked sixth in the country and first in the west.

Typical cases of digital health, a total of 4 cases in our province were selected: the Sichuan Provincial Health and Health Commission "Focusing Service Exploration and Innovation, and fully promoting the" Internet+Medical Health "Construction", Sichuan Province Health and Health Information Center "Innovation" two highs " Construction and exploration of the integration of "two libraries", build a provincial concentrated full life cycle health file cloud management platform ", Sichuan provincial maternal and child health hospital" 5G+newborn visit ", Sichuan Cancer Hospital" 5G Smart Cloud Radible Treatment Project Construction and Application " Essence

In recent years, Sichuan Province has adhered to the construction of "Internet+Medical and Health" demonstration provinces as leaders, and actively explored the development of new technologies, new models, and new formats of "Internet+medical health", and continuously emerged a number of "Internet+medical health" development model Cases have been praised by the National Health Commission many times. In October 2020, the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Notice on Notification of" Typical Cases of "Internet+Medical and Health" Services ", from the five aspects of regional services, medical services, public health services, innovative applications, and digital epidemic prevention. The first 50 typical cases of the first 50 typical cases were selected in the country. A typical case was selected.

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