Tai'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Medical and Health Volunteer Service Activities Entering Qiujiadian Town

Correspondent Zhang Nan

On June 8th, the "Tai'an Medical Health Volunteer Service Activities" organized by Tai'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital entered Cuijiazhuang, Qiujiadian Town.

On the day of the event, the medical expert group organized by the TCM Hospital of Tai'an City came to Qiujiadian Cuijiazhuang Village Committee. The villagers who came to the clinic were endless. Each experts lined up a long team. The hospital's respiratory department, endocrinology, brain surgery, floating needle, orthopedic, gynecology, and liver experts measured blood pressure patiently for the villagers to measure blood pressure patiently for the villagers. We health diagnosis, and popularize the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine prevention knowledge, and improve the villagers' self -care awareness. The entire free clinic scene was warm and orderly.

After the treatment of the villagers, Aunt Wang said with emotion after treatment: "I have a painful shoulder and neck for many years, and I usually feel very uncomfortable. The experts of the Three Hospital not only have a good service attitude, but also the medical skills are very clever. Let me solve many health problems at the door of my house! "

Qiujiadian Town Health Center gave strong support for this free consultation activity. Special ECG technicians gave villagers for free electrocardiogram examination. At the same time, they reached long -term cooperation with the rehabilitation department of Tai'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The hospital regularly sent experts to visit.

In this free clinic, the Ministry of Pharmacy of Tai'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital issued a free hospital -made preparation for the villagers. For middle -aged and elderly people who were inconvenient to move, they issued a health knowledge publicity page to popularize the knowledge of disease prevention and improved the awareness of villagers' health protection.

In the future, Tai'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will regularly organize various free consultations to provide professional medical services to the masses, improve the level of prevention and treatment of diseases and health quality, and enable the general public to enjoy real health benefits at their doorsteps.

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