The epidemic has once again burst, the world began to panic, the third needle vaccination can play

Israeli's country in which the global vaccination rate is the highest, and the country of vaccination, the epidemic is still outbreak, and the number of diagnosed people has increased. At the hospital of Israel, 11,149 new crown patients have been hospitalized. The severe patients were 680 cases, including 227 patients with critically ill patients and 160 patients with intubation. At the same time, the number of diagnostics continued to rise.

This seems to be warned other countries: vaccines prevent the protection rate of variant virus infection.

Many countries have been anxious, because Israel's encounters may be repeated in any other country. In order to respond to the epidemic, our country has also rapidly shot, and the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group China Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has submitted the third needle to the relevant departments to strengthen the urination to strengthen the subsidy, and is waiting for the approval. In addition, Zhong Nanshan academician said: The latest experimental data in China has shown that after a needle is enhanced, its antibody levels have increased significantly.

Antibody level time curve of two-needle and three-needle vaccine / Source: Xinhua News Agency Video Screenshot

After the third needle inoculation, the subject of the subject has rapidly changed, and there is a rise in three days. After 7 days, it will rise to a higher level. When it is 14 days, it is probably 15-30. Don't wait. From the perspective of immunogenicity, strengthen the protection effect of vaccination on vaccines can be improved.

Virus variation, why should we fight the third needle?

Delta variant strains can break through vaccine protection

After inoculation of vaccine, it is called "breakthrough infection". Delta strains have been found with vaccine resistance characteristics. That is, there is a certain "immune escape", and the ability to prevent antibodies after vaccination, and the ability to prevent infection is weakened. Israel June 27 data shows that about 90% of the new infected people are infected with Delta strains. Among the infected adults have completed the two doses vaccination.

The protector of the vaccine has been lowered over time

Inactivated vaccines or half a year after vaccination in mRNA vaccination, the immune function has a significant decline. Studies have shown that residents have more than 90% of the protection rate when vaccination of new crown vaccines, but the protection rate may fall to 30% -40% in the 5th month or 6 months after vaccination.

When the epidemic, when can I put a third needle vaccine?

It is reported that my country has already tried the third-needle vaccine in China, and one dose reinforcing needle can be re-vaccinated within 6 months to 1 year after completing the two doses inoculation.

Zheng Zhongwei, a team leader of the State Council's joint-defense mechanism research and research project, a group of people, said that three types of people can carry out a strengthening of vaccination after 6 months of completing the immunization procedure, one is the key personnel of high input risks, and the other is the immune function. The relatively low population and people over 60 years old are due to work, learning, communication needs, need to go to the overseas epidemic high-risk areas or countries.

Many netizens said that they have vaccinated the third needle vaccine.

Image Source: Netizen vaccination microblogging sharing screenshot

After the third needle vaccine is inoculated, I feel that I have a walking antibody and walking around.

Don't panic yet, I don't have to panic. For ordinary people, the third needle of new crown vaccines is temporarily unhappy, the public can first complete the first, second-needle vaccination, and do a good job in daily protection, patiently waiting for experts Further research and policy adjustment.

Source: China Biotechnology Network, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency

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