Men eat 160 bags of chicken chest to kidney damage!These hurt the kidney behavior, do you take a few?

30-year-old Mr. Ma (pseudonym) is a fitness person. In order to maintain a physical condition, he continues to pursue lower body fat, mainly high protein diet. To this end, he daily almost almost cracked hunger, a month of 160 bags of chicken chests were swept away by him.

However, it didn't expect that the very low carbohydrate and extremely high protein per day not only could not lose the scale, but Mr. Ma also found that he started weak, sometimes the waist is sore. After the doctor's diagnosis, he found that he was caused by intake of excessive protein. The renal metabolism is overweight, and then causes renal damage.

Inadvertently, the young white-collar, Miss Li, who is "health", and the high-protein diet of the year of the year, can increase the burden of the kidney in invisible, and finally gave chronic nephropathy.

Although the protein is an indispensable nutrient material, proper intake is of great benefits for human health, but good things should be appropriate, otherwise it will cause harm to the body.

First, how much protein is appropriate in the human body daily?

Although the protein is an indispensable nutrient material, proper intake is of great benefits for human health, but good things should be appropriate, otherwise it will cause harm to the body.

The protein intake of different populations is different. According to the Dietary Pagoda of China's Dietary Guide (2016), you can meet the proteins needed daily, that is, each person is invested daily with high quality protein-rich livestock and poultry meat 40-75 grams, 40-75 grams of water products, 40-50 grams of eggs, 25-35 grams of soybeans and nuts, 300 grams of milk and dairy products.

Second, except for excessive intake of protein, there are four behaviors that are easy to hurt and kidney!


It is well known that smoking is a risk factor in a variety of diseases, which is obvious to the human body. According to research, the urine of smoking people is more likely to have albumin, high albumin and renal function have certain links, indicating that the kidney has caused certain damage.

Moreover, smoking can easily cause hypertension, high blood pressure, can prone to high blood pressure kidney disease, and nephrotic disease will also cause high blood pressure. If you are diabetic patients smoking, it will increase the risk of diabetic nephropathy, and diabetic nephropathy is an important cause of death in diabetic patients.

2. Take medicine

Some of the nephropathy is because the patient is causing medicine, it is a three-point drug, most drugs have some side effects, and some drugs have a certain nephoxicity, private medication or use drugs, which exceeds the safety range. It may cause kidney damage.

Others think that traditional Chinese medicine is safe. There is no side effects in facts, there are many drugs in traditional Chinese medicine, especially for Chinese medicine with toxicity to kidney, itself, people who have poor renal function can lead to Damage of kidneys.

3. Dramatic sports

Many people have not exercised for a long time, suddenly a lot of strenuous exercise, plus possible exercise methods, warm-up exercise, no full, etc., may cause damage to the body, which is also very disadvantageous to the kidneys.

It is easy to dehydroid after a sharp movement, resulting in a decrease in blood circulation, resulting in sudden reduction in kidney blood flow, may cause ischemic hypoxia of the kidney. After the vigorous exercise, there is a white protein in urine, which will lead to increased blood pressure, so patients with nephropathy should not be vigorous, avoiding aggravation. Sports should be stable for a long time, step by step, be sure to stop immediately when you feel uncomfortable, don't bare yourself.

4. Eat salt.

Nowadays, many people have a relatively heavy taste, like to put a lot of salt when they eat, in fact, it is a certain harm to the kidney.

If the sodium ion in the salt is too high in the human body, it may cause water, edema, increase blood volume and small arterial tension, result in elevated blood pressure. Therefore, the incidence of high blood pressure will also be relatively high, and high blood pressure is likely to have nephropathy.

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