Published by Xiding | 2021-2022 Central City Pharmaceutical "Rui" chain, district and county market pharmaceutical benchmark chain stimulates new kinetic energy of drug retail

The results of "2021-2022 Central City Medicine" Rui "chain" and "2021-2022 district and county market medical benchmark chain" selection results have been announced at the Xiding meeting!

With the continued deepening of medical reform and the increasingly fierce competition in the section market, the outer market becomes a new blue ocean. According to the data of Zhongkang Technology, the market will maintain an average growth rate of about 10%in the next 5 years, which is far greater than 5%of industry growth. The level and development prospects are broad. Among them, the pharmaceutical retail market as the main body is the target of everyone.

In order to provide accurate navigation to the health industry, improve the efficiency of commodity transactions, and promote the supply chain promotion, the Xidinghui Organizing Committee initiated, "2021-2022 central city medicine 'sharp' chain" and "2021-2022 The two major public welfare selection activities of the annual district and county marketing medical benchmark chain.

Among them, the "2021-2022 central city pharmaceutical" Rui "chain" aims to select outstanding small and medium chain companies in 36 central cities in 36 central cities. The "2021-2022 district and county market medical benchmark chain" aims to select 100 benchmarking companies in all cities/district/county markets except the central city market. The selection is based on "market potential, scale, and growth power" as its core indicators. Combined with corporate research, data analysis, and online voting, the enterprise conducts a multi -dimensional and comprehensive comprehensive assessment of the enterprise, and the results are finally released.

The average development level of the chain performed well, and the overall income of China is the highest

The Nuggets Central Cities 100 billion markets, the development of the "Rui" chain is expected in the future

The population of the central city occupies about 30 % of the national population. The demand for the medical and health consumer market is not small, but due to the implementation of the policies of various localities, the terminal performance is different.

The "Rui" chain of 50 central cities on the list exceeded 11.8 billion yuan, accounting for 6.5%of the central city market; in 2021, the total number of stores reached 7501, covering more than 30 million consumer members. Among them, Chengdu has the largest number of pharmacies, with 4; and the number of cities in Guangzhou, Jinan, Wuhan, Changchun, and Changsha are second, each with 3.

Table 1: 2021 The central city "Rui" chain is distributed by the enterprise city

Remarks: The data displayed above is a city with a number of more than one chain on the list

From the perspective of the income distribution of the list of enterprises, the "Rui" chain in the central city is mainly distributed below 300 million yuan, with a total of 42 chains, up to 84%of the proportion;

Figure 1: 2021 The "Rui" chain of the central city is distributed on the list of enterprises

Data source: Zhongkang Technology

From the perspective of the geographical partitions of enterprises on the list of central cities, the highest turnover in Central China reached 2.55 billion yuan; the average chain turnover in the Northeast and Central China region was the highest, both of which were more than 300 million yuan.

Table 2: The situation of the seven major geographical partition chains in 2021

Data source: Zhongkang Technology

District and county benchmark chain business scale increased compared to last year

The growth rate is stable, high -quality chain concentration is high

The total turnover of the market benchmark chain companies in the list of the list of the list of the list of the list increased by about 10%compared with last year, and the operating scale increased, accounting for about 6%of the district and county market share. From the perspective of partitions, the number of chains on the list in the East China region is up to 29. From the perspective of total turnover, the East China region far exceeds other sixth branch zone, and the chain of the list is about one -third of the general chain of the district and county; From the perspective of the number of chains on the list of individual provinces, the largest number of companies on the list of Guangdong Province in South China reached 10.

Table 3: 2021 The seven major geographical partition chains are on the list

Data source: Zhongkang Technology

The threshold for chain on the list has increased, and the average turnover of chain companies exceeds 220 million yuan. There are 58 companies with a turnover of less than 200 million, 20 companies with a turnover of more than 200 million to less than 300 million, and 16 companies with a turnover from 300 million to 500 million. There are 6 companies with more than 100 million. Compared with the distribution of chains on the list of districts and counties, it can be found that the cumulative turnover of nearly half of the companies on the list in 2021 was more than 200 million yuan, and the overall business scale of the list chain increased compared with last year.

Figure 2: Comparison of district and county benchmark chain distribution range

Data source: Zhongkang Technology

From the perspective of the number of stores, the number of chain stores on the list in 2021 increased by 9%compared with the previous year, with a steady growth; about 65%of the number of chain companies stores more than 100, of which 3 chain companies have more than 400 stores. East China has the largest number of stores and the scale chain. The total number of stores exceeds 4,500, and 2 companies with more than 400 stores are in the area.

From the perspective of store production, the revenue capacity of single stores in North China is more than 2.1 million yuan; there are 4 chains in the top ten chains in East China chain single store revenue capacity, and the number is the largest. At the forefront, the format of superior chain gathering.

Table 4: The situation of the seven major geographical partition chains in 2021

Data source: Zhongkang Technology

Grasp the blue ocean in the retail market to achieve the strongest market growth

In the post -epidemic era, the demand for health consumption in residents has gradually increased, and medicine and health are one of the most important sections in residents' consumption. As an important terminal carrying pharmaceutical health consumption -pharmaceutical retail chain companies, it will be an important contacts that bring new business growth in the industry.

The "Rui" chain of the central city and the district and county market benchmark chain has been deeply cultivated in the local area for many years. It has the advantages of dual sedimentation of customer bases and brands. It is a reserve army for the top 100 chains in the country in the future. It also provides "new opportunities" for industry to realize the national market integration strategy.Meet the Xiding meeting for zero direct transactions, accurately connect the central city "Rui" chain, district and county market benchmark chain, and achieve growth to the outer market!

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