AP & T: Varicidal steroid therapy for patients with greater medium -weight ulcerative colitis is more effective

The increasing incidence of ulcerative colitis (UC) in the world and the increase in the global aging population have led to a significant increase in elderly people with ulcerative colitis. UC is considered an intestinal disease caused by the complex interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Some researchers believe that there is a heterogeneity between the young and the elderly and the UC of the elderly. Some research reports said that patients with UC patients were milder and less received active medical treatment. According to other research reports, the prognosis of the elderly UC is not ideal. A recent META analysis shows that the proportion of old UC needs surgery is higher than young UC. The higher surgical risk may be caused by the difference in the treatment effect of intravenous steroids. At present, there is no data on the effectiveness and safety of venous injection steroids to treat the elderly UC. Therefore, this study aims to explore the effectiveness and safety of the moderate to severe UC in the treatment of intravenous injection steroids.

This retrospective multi -center queue was included in patients with medium -weight hospital UC patients received the first venous steroid treatment from April 2014 to July 2019. The main observation results are the clinical relief of the 30th day, and the results of the results reported by the two patients are used. The second to observe the ending of surgical risks and adverse events within 90 days (death, infection, and venous thrombosis).

In the end, a total of 467 UC patients (384 were younger, and 83 were older) were included in the group. On the 30th day, 252 patients (65.6%) of young patients and 43 patients (51.8%) patients with greater age of onset observed clinical relief on the 30th day (risk differences after adjustment, -21.7% [95% CI, -36.1% -7.2%]; The risk ratio [ARR] after adjustment, 0.74 [95% CI, 0.59-0.93]). The risk of surgery and adverse events of the elderly's disease and adverse events (20.5% vs 3.1%; ARR, 8.92 [95% CI, 4.13-19.27], 25.3% vs 9.1%; ARR, 2.19 [95% CI, 1.22 -3.92]))))) Essence A total of 4 deaths occurred during the experiment, all of the elderly UC. Early UC infections and venous thrombosis are also high (18.1% vs 8.6%, 7.2% vs 0.5%).

This study confirms that the greater the age of the disease of UC, the lower the effectiveness of venous steroids, and the higher the risk of surgical and adverse events in UC.

Primitive source:

Shinji Okabayashi. Et al. Lower effectiveness of intravenous steroid treatment for moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis in hospitalised patients with older onset: a multicentre cohort study. Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.2022.

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