"Mouse hand"?

According to the survey, until the first half of 2019, my country's netizens has exceeded 800 million, of which 98% use mobile Internet access, with a per capita net up to 27.7 hours, about 4 hours a day. In other words, in addition to sleep, in addition to sleep, we are watching the 16 hours of the 16 hours, there is only 1/4 of the time to play mobile phones, eat, take the car, walk ..... As long as you don't have something, take out your mobile phone to brush, I don't know that such safety hazards are very large.

Using mobile phone, you have a feeling of sourness, have you had a painful feeling? Do you sometimes feel that your hands pain is difficult to keep your hand posture for a long time? The sore fatter of the hand may be "tendonji" in practice.

First understand what is "tendonji"

The tendon is a double-layer sleeve-free synovial tube that is sleeve outside of the tendon, which is a slide sheath that protects tendon, which can be compared as a wire; the guide wire in the wire is a tendon, and the outer rubber is a tendon sheath. When the joint activity, the tendon and the tendon sheath can cause friction, and if both friction is excessive, it causes inflammation, leading to tendoni.

The tendonjan can occur in different age groups, mainly in middle-aged workers, tendonjano sends in hand and wrists, more common in the long-term, excessive crowd of fingers and wrist joints. Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile phones and computers, tendonjan is also popular among young people.

The tendoniitis is probably divided into the following five:

◆ Tarjjjji

◆ Acute suppurative tendonji

◆ Acute fibroneic tendonji

◆ Acute slurry tendoniitis

◆ Tuberculosis tendonji

It is more common in narrow tendonji in daily life. Chronic strain is a common induction factor in hemazingitis. In addition, trauma, infection, rheumatism, lactation, cold, etc. are also common inducements.

How to prevent tendoni?

1, pay attention to keep warm. Usually wash your hands to wash your dishes, you need to use warm water, don't cool water. When you go out or out of outdoor exercise, you should prevent the hand from freeze, pay attention to your hand.

2. When doing housework such as washing clothes, pay attention to your fingers, your wrist's correct posture, don't overream or reach.

3. For long-term volt accounts, the correct work posture should be used, try to make both hands balance, the wrist can touch the real thing, do not hang up.

4, play mobile phones must be moderate, use mobile phones, take a break, the finger joint, play with mobile phones, or use your hands to alternately use, or pull the finger in the opposite direction to let the finger tendon get relaxed.

5, every day should insist on the muscles of the activity, the muscles, the soreness, turning, holding boxing, spending, etc.).

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