Enjoy peace of mind outside of basic medical insurance!Anyang launches national health supplement medical insurance

At present, existing medical security systems are concerned about patients with major illnesses, and their personal burden is still heavy. How to meet the real needs of the masses, let Huimin health insurance reduce the burden of medical treatment? Henan City has taken the pace of establishing a multi-level medical security system.

On December 14, Anyang Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference. Introduction Anyang City launched national health supplement medical insurance (hereinafter referred to as "Anyang Huimin Bao") Reporter question.

Anyang Municipal Government Information Office for the map

Participate in the "Anhui Bao" without age, household registration, waiting period, past disease history and other restriction conditions

"At present, the medical security system in our city can not meet the needs of the masses, especially for patients with major illnesses, their personal burden is still heavy. In 2020, the total cost of hospitalization in the city is 4.97 billion yuan, through a series of basic Medical insurance, supplementary medical insurance reimbursement is 2.834 billion yuan, the reimbursement ratio is 57.03%, and 42.97% of the cost requires personal undertaking. Li Chao, deputy director of the Municipal Government, said that the medical expenses of medical expenses in the major illness are still serious, the masses are sick The risk of poverty, due to the risk of the disease is still present.

Anyang Huigong Insurance is aiming at the self-fulaming expenses of basic medical insurance, the self-fulfilled costs and expenses of the policy, and the health supplement medical insurance system established by the special medicine is to solve the basic medical insurance reimbursement of the insured personnel. The cost burden is a heavy problem, solving the problem of the people who are unable to withstand the "big disease" "life-saving emergency" fees. Shi Xiqing, deputy director of the Municipal Medical Protection Bureau: "Anhui Bao is an effective supplementation and connection of basic medical insurance, is an important part of the medical security system."

Introduction, "Anyang Huimin Bao" adheres to the government guidance, strong advancement, general access, Pu Wei protection, business operation, public welfare operation, the 108th executive meeting of the municipal government adopted "Anyang City National Health Supplement The plan is issued by the Municipal Government Office in Document No. 52. The project is a public welfare insurance project for the guidance of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the Supervision Bureau supervision, the Chinese PICC and China Life Insurance, and the other 7 insurance companies form a resolved insurance project. Participate in the restrictions such as Anhui Bao without age, household registration, waiting period, long history history, low payment standard, wide reimbursement, high payment, high payment rate, convenient claims, 69 yuan, 99 yuan, 169 yuan Three grades adapt to the choice of different people.

The annual payment standard is divided into three-speed payment ratio of 50% to 80%.

Coverage: There is no restriction condition for participating in Anhui. Those who participated in the basic medical insurance and major illness insurance of urban employees Anyang City, and those who participated in the basic medical insurance of urban and rural residents in Anyang City can participate in the purchase of Anhui.

Funding method:

1. Financing standards and payment periods. Anhui Bao currently pays the standard three gears: 69 yuan, 99 yuan and 169 yuan. The fourth quarter is a centralized payment period, and the following year will be treated. The first year of this year was extended to the end of March 2022.

2. Personal account payment. Medical insurance personal accounts can be paid to themselves and the immediate relatives do not exceed 10 Anhui insurance fees.

3. Report funding. Difficulties such as adaptive, low-inspiration, and enjoys policies, can be funded by local government funds. Conditional enterprises and village collectives can also be employee, residents, or pay the benefits of benefits.

Report scope and payment standards:

1.69 yuan payment grade. Guarantee the cost of self-contained and inventories in the Anyang Coordination Area. The payment of the payment line is 25,000 yuan, and the payment ratio is reduced by 50% to 80%. The maximum payment amount is 1 million yuan.

2.99 yuan payment grade. Guarantees the cost of self-funded and inventory within the Anyang Coordination Area and the Order of the Ordering Region. The payment line is 20,000 yuan, and the payment ratio is reduced by 50% to 80%. The maximum payment amount is 1 million yuan.

3.169 yuan payment grade. This grade adds the reimbursement of special drugs, guarantee scope and payment standards on the 99 yuan grade. In addition, the inventory of the inventory is 20,000 yuan, the reimbursement ratio is 50%, and the maximum payment is 500,000 yuan.

In consulting, as soon as date, Anyang citizens can pay attention to "Anyang Huimin Bao" official WeChat public account for consultation, providing 7 × 24-hour online intelligent robot customer service, as well as the insurance period 9: 00-20 per day: 00 online artificial all-round consultation services. In addition, there is a service window and a servant service personnel in all counties (cities, districts), and 9 resolved service staff, and receiving counters consult services.

In terms of insured, the operation is simple, through the official WeChat public account for "Anyang Huimin", you can also get insured support from the nearby county (city, district) medical insurance center service window or 9 resolved insurance business outlets. . In terms of claims, implement line claims and reduce entrants round-trip. If you need to claim that the residents need to claim, you can apply for a claim through "Anyang Huimin Security" official WeChat payment, and upload the relevant claims in accordance with the prompt.

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