look!look!Quality purchase is quietly changing!

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After five batches of six rounds, the national quantity purchase has experienced a quiet change in procurement methods in the sixth batch of seven rounds (insulin special procurement).

More purpose of the previous five batches of six rounds of national quantities is to form an alternative pattern, through volume-priced hooks, quotation, eliminate gray space, reserve reasonable profits, squeezing flow water, thereby forming relatively real market purchase price, Mining the next medical insurance payment standard.

This principle of this quantity procurement is correct, but in the specific implementation process, only macroability considers the quality of the review products, the market pattern is normal, but not fully considers the maturity of the market medication structure, doctor-patient medication The compliance, even not considering the current medical market is still relatively extensive, the price competition is still in the status quo of the non-physiological state, directly leading to the five batches of the country, like a crazy rotary coin, and AB presents different results. -

--A, reflecting the results of quantity purchase: promoting market competition, further reducing drug prices, and expanding the market share for China Selected enterprises, enhances the overall level of the mass medication, and promoting the structure of pharmaceutical enterprises and product structure, and is back Multi-level levels are strengthened, which solves the worries of enterprises, and purifies industry ecology;

--B, reflects the confusion caused by quantity procurement: to lead to a vicious competition between enterprises, and even have an ultra-low price quote of individual enterprises. According to the selected business name, the market is selected, and the medication structure of the local market will directly affect the use of the local market. Many patients with drugs are facing alternative products. Some medical institutions are inevitable in the process of replacement. Some companies have been in the face of low quotes. The status quo directly lost confidence in the business market.

As a result, in the national insulin special procurement process, we saw the transfer of quantities procurement.

First, special procurement of insulin is set in the purchase method:

The first set of selection rules, that is, as long as the procurement group meets the referred to the relevant requirements, you can sort according to the "Ranking of the Product Ranking", determine the finalist product. There is no elimination within 2 (inclusive), and the difference in the third home is selected. This type of (product) is basically borrowed from the five batches of six rounds of Six-round national consumption (enterprise), which is still inherently encouraged to compete, form a certain gradient price reduction.

The second proposed rules, fully borrowed the procurement method of coronary expansion balloon medical consumables, as long as the declaration price is reduced by ≥ 40% (calculated by the top of the maximum effective application price of the procurement group), it can be obtained. qualifications.

Then, according to the related decline or not and how many fall, ABCD is divided into four categories, Class D to bring up to eighty percent of the market AB, Class C market to bring up three percent to the A, medical institutions have sufficient market options, direct reversed Previously, the relatively passive selection of the country, the hospital was relatively passive, and the patient's relatively passive medication "relatively three passive" situation, under the premise of non-destructing the market structure, the bidding company saw the stable expectations of market stability, at the same time Also let the enterprise have seen the mature market still can have the opportunity to continue to deeply move the direction. Some people say that this collection rule is gradually improving to gentleness. The process, I would rather I would like to believe in a reasonableness of something in a certain stage, and I believe that the initial heart of quantity procurement is to make a win-win situation in many levels including enterprises, hospitals, patients, medical insurance.

Therefore, the author often thinks, the national min seven batch of eight rounds and chemicals starting next year, or will still continue to use the five batches of six rounds of differences in the rules? From the perspective of a stable rule, it is feasible to make a big break. However, if you draw on the way of national consumables and insulin special procurement, the market is fully competitive as the orderly standardization competition based on reasonable regulation, which is also a very good way.

From the perspective of degradation and alternative, it is feasible to optimize the rules as long as it gives a sufficient market expectation. The author is suggesting that the double envelope mechanism is restored, that is, in the economic and technical standards level, it is necessary to eliminate the relevant comprehensive strength of the company, and give the finalist mechanism must be eliminated, and then enter the business standard, as long as the price reduction rate is not eliminated, this is not a kind of New workaround and innovation.

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