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Alzheimer's disease Aduhelm has passed over the past few quarters. Because of its disappointing performance, 健 may plan to cut up to 1,000 employees to save money to handle controversy about Aduhelm.

According to a report of Stat News, 健 may plan to save up to $ 750 million in funds through layoffs. The plan still needs the company's leadership and board of directors to pass, and it is very likely that it will arrive before this year Christmas holiday.

In addition, 健 also blamed the unfair part of the Aduhelm on the company's Chief R & D Officer Alfred Sandrock, which announced that the company will leave the company at the end of this year. According to reports, Michael Vounatsos, chief executive, CEO, is Sandrock, suddenly leaving the company behind the company. Although Sandrock has always supported the development of a variety of neurological disease treatment methods, including research and development successfully approved drug Spinraza, but also to the failure of Aduhelm.

Stat News is incoming "Dialogue with the company's insiders", Sandrock is forced to take Aduhelm's controversial approved and its bad listing.

However, in public cases, Vounatsos said that Sandrock is a visionary person, praised its complex to develop drugs for some most destructive diseases. He said that Sandrock is "one of his best-recognized drug research and development experts." Vounatsos said that the R & D headers have always been a source of inspiration in the many scientists of 健, and playing a crucial role in leading the Kong Jian's 500 companies.

Aduhelm (Aducanumab) accelerated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June this year. Since the FDA Advisory Committee members have a great controversy that has been approved in the industry. After the regulatory authority decided to approve the drug, several members of the Advisory Committee resigned.

As Biospace reported, Aduhelm came along the way. In the development phase, in a clinical trial analysis, it indicated that the drug did not reach the end point of its test set, and the Hualian and its partner Sweet Materials were prepared to abandon the development of the drug. However, after in-depth analysis, another test data indicate that it reaches the end point, so the company revokes the decision to abandon the drug.

Due to the safety of Aduhelm security, the sales of this drug has been disappointing. During the entire clinical development of the drug, the researchers have been observing the case of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (Aria-E) and cerebral edema. Last month, a female patient taking Aduhelm died of cerebral edema. Her death is related to this drug to be proof, but it is largely affected the confidence of doctors to issue the drug prescription to the patient.

Although Aduhelm was approved in the United States, the European Pharmaceutical Administration's drug committee (CHMP) refused the drug in Europe.

Although it is not going well, Heijian has been supporting the drug and continues to generate data supporting the safety and effectiveness of the drug. At the nearest Alzheimer's Clinical Trial Conference, 健 issued two three-phase trial data, these test data showed that the patient's amylmoid plaques were reduced, P-Tau181 in plasma (The biomarker of Tau in Alzheimer's disease) is significantly reduced.

Another company that may leave the company is responsible for the Global Manufactured Alphonse Galdes. Stat News pointed out that Galdes have been deemed to be "stable power" of the company's management in the past 30 years. It is still unclear whether Galdes is forced to leave like Sandrock, or it has been planned for a while.

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