Wanze Shuangqi Pharmaceutical "Golden Double Disagreement" won the China Pharmacy "Higher Brand", General Manager Chen Hao won the "medical marketing gold medal"!

From December 1st to 4th, the "Chinese Pharmacy Summit Forum" hosted by the China Pharmacy "Magazine by the National Health and Health Committee was held in Qingdao, Shandong. This session is the theme of "数 驱, symbiotic" as the theme, gathers high-quality resources and heavy-grade guests from all walks of life. Promote the "Zhiyuan" forces in the industry.

In this forum, Wanze Shuangqi Pharmaceutical Gold Single "Golden Double Disagreement" won the 2020-2021 China Pharmacy intestinal "clerk recommended by the highest brand", Ms. Chen Wei won the 2020-2021 China Pharmacy "Medicine Marketing gold medal trader. "

Gold double ran "the highest brand of clerk"

As a multi-quality list, "China Pharmaco Costle Recommendation Rate" is a Chinese pharmacy through the first-line employees of the drug retail industry, in-depth investigation, in 18 years aggregated from hundreds of tens of product clusters, select the storeman welcomed The high-quality list of star brands, to pay tribute to quality in quality pharmaceutical industries. "Golden Double Disagreement" won the "China Pharmacy Clear Recommendation Rate Highest Brand", fully reflecting the admission and trust of the quality of the drug store first-line clerk and consumers on the quality of "Golden Double Discriminate" product, and also reflects the product to have a strict market test. For the Wanze Shuangqi Pharmaceutical Multi-patient encouragement.

Ms. Chen Wei, General Manager of Wanze Shuangqi Pharmaceutical, won "medical marketing gold medal trader"

As a leading enterprise focusing on the field of microecological preparations, Wanze Shuangqi Pharmaceutical has been built in the model of "brand + academic + service" composite marketing, and has established strong resource advantages and market competition in the industry. Force, there is currently a high-tech enterprise focused on the two major micro-ecosystems of digestion and gynecology. It is also a parameter unit of "China Pharmacopoeia".

The company's main product national new drug "gold double disagreement" has won many microecological preparation brands worth trusting in China's drug brand list, "Ding Junsheng" is a micro-ecological preparation of domestic lactobacteria. In April 2021, "Today's Pei" series probiotics is officially listed, this is the first product of Wanze Shuangqi to the consumer market from the clinical market.

Wanze Shuangqi Booth

Brand is not only a kind of identification sign, but also a spiritual symbol; it is the value concept of enterprises. It is the core reflection of quality and excellent quality. Wanze Shuangqi will continue to make people more natural and healthier, think that human health is provided. High quality products and solutions are mission, drums, go all out, attack hard, and make greater contributions to promoting micro-ecology to better serve human health and disease treatment!

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