What should I do if you always do?How should I avoid insomnia when suffering from insomnia?

Insomnia, if the temporary pressure is large, many people have heard that the sleeping environment is not good, etc., will cause insomnia, now, the white-collar family and middle-aged and old age are high-issuings of insomnia, and many insomnia presented, with me usually Large relationship, the following Urioped Edward experts introduce you how to do insomnia?

1. Today, most people are insomnia because of too much life. I will take a while for this reason before going to bed, I have to relax my mood for this reason. Relax your spirit, go to bed or wash your shower, or hot water, then sleep, there is no harm to smoothly sleep.

2, the quality of sleep environment will also affect sleep quality. Some people are insomnia because they are not adapted to the environment. If you do not adapt to your environment, if you are insomnia, if it is worse. It should be prepared to have ideological preparations, take the initiative, there is no problem, can't sleep well due to tension.

3, how to adjust insomnia. Guide yourself to sleep. Listening to a flood and rhythm, do something beneficial to sleep before going to bed. For example, the sound of the train runs, the tape, drip, the sound of the spring rain, or the music hypotonic belt, which can help sleep, and can also establish the conditional reflection induced by sleep.

4. It is recommended that you don't stay up late. I need to sleep, 11:00 am - 3 in the morning is the best detoxification time of hepatobiliary. Early morning sleep early, it is best to make a good sleep habit.

5, don't drink coffee before going to bed, these substances such as strong tea smoke have a certain negative impact on sleep, and you can drink some milk faint green tea.

6. You can use a slight hot water bubble foot before going to bed. It is also possible to use a Shu Shu sports massage or a hollow grinding stone, and some small sweat is good. Promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality.

Insomnia is in the population of each age group, don't worry, give me a serious impact of life, once you have insomnia, you must adjust your mentality, learn to regulate insomnia, the insomnia conditioning described above Methods are for vast number of friends. Please consult the appropriate expert in detail.

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