PLOS Med: The effect of the treatment of smartphone applications on young adults' suicide ideas

The idea of ​​suicide is the main risk of young people's attempts. Therefore, reducing the severity of ideas is an important goal to prevent suicide. Smart phone applications provide a new opportunity for managing young people's ideas; however, lack of evidence of confirmation of confirmation from random trials. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether a therapeutic smartphone application ("Lifebuoy") is better than a compatible application with a attention matching in the severity of suicide ideas.

In this arms parallel, double blindness, random control test, 455 young people from Australia have the recent suicide concept, aged aged 18 to 25, and were randomly distributed at a ratio of 2: 2 until May 2020 used a. Smartphone applications are 6 weeks and final tracking in October 2020.

The main result is the severity of suicide ideas from changes from the baseline (T0) to the changes of follow -up (T2) after intervention (T1) and three months after intervention. The second result is the symptoms of depression (PHQ-9), extensive anxiety (GAD-7), distress (DQ5), and happiness (SWEMWBS). The intervention group obtained a self -guided smartphone application based on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT; "Lifebuoy") to improve emotional regulation and pressure tolerance.

Among the 228 participants who were randomly accepted LIFEBUOY, 110 people did not complete the final survey; 91 of the 227 participants who randomly accepted the control conditions, 91 people did not complete the final investigation. All random participants are incorporated into the intention and analysis of the main and secondary results. In T1 (P <0.001, D = 0.45) and T2 (P = 0.007, D = 0.34), the suicide meaning score has a significant time × conditional effect, indicating that Lifebuo has a protective effect. But from the baseline to T1 or T2, Lifebuo has no superior intervention effect on any secondary mental health results [P value: 0.069 to 0.896].

In summary, compared with the control application, Lifebuoy is related to the improvement of the seriousness of suicide, but it has nothing to do with the results of the secondary psychological health.


The Effect of a Therapeutic Smartphone Application on Suicidal Ideation in Young Adults: Findings FROM A RANDONED TRILLED TRIAL In Australia

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