H3N2 influenza summer strikes!To prevent superposition infection, you can use the flowers to clear the plague

In the past few days, Fujian, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hainan, Jiangxi and other places have issued emergency warnings. Some medical institutions have increased the number of popular kidney consultations, and the influenza peaks have entered the influenza in many places in the south. According to my country's influenza surveillance report, the positive influenza rate of the southern province has continued to rise, mainly A (H3N2) subtype influenza virus. H3 fluids are characterized by fast onset, high infectivity, high incidence, and wide popularity. Pay attention to.

Since the occurrence of new coronary pneumonia, non -drug intervention measures such as masks and restrictions on social distances for a long time have reduced the spread of influenza viruses to a certain extent, but also caused people to decline in pre -immunity of influenza, increase fluidity, and increase the sensory sensitivity. It may increase the future to increase the future. The risk of influenza is popular. Because the whole population is generally susceptible to influenza, affected by the influence of influenza and other key infectious diseases and the overlay of new coronary pneumonia, it is also important to choose symptomatic and effective prevention and treatment of drugs.

The basis of treating influenza is to suppress and kill the flu virus. At present, the duration of virus viruses for diamptium and diamonds of various subtypes is generally existed. You can choose neurophanase inhibitors such as Osdowevi, or Chinese patent medicines with flowers with flowers. Clear plague. According to many scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National Key Laboratory of the National Key Laboratory of the Breathing Diseases of the Guangzhou Medical College, it has been confirmed that even the flowers of the flowers have a broad -spectrum antiviral effect, and they are on the influenza virus (H3N2, H1N1), and type B virus. It has a good antagonistic effect.

Studies of the State Key Laboratory Studies of Respiratory Diseases have confirmed that the effects of Lianhua Qing Plague Anti -A H3N2 influenza virus effect is exact, and multi -link anti -A H3N2 influenza virus: specifically including comprehensive inhibitory effect, prevention of virus adsorption, replication proliferation after inhibitory virus adsorption, replication and proliferation of virus adsorption The role and the effect of directly killing the virus are strong to prevent the influenza virus in preventing sexual administration. In addition, evidence -based medical research has also confirmed that the effect of even Huaqing Plague Anti -A. The effect of Anti -A. The effect of Anti Virus is not statistically different from Oasis, and influenza symptoms such as cough, headache, fatigue, and muscle soreness are better than Oasis. He Wei.

From the perspective of clinical symptoms, influenza belongs to the "exogenous fever" talked about by traditional Chinese medicine, so patients with influenza basically manifested as internal heat. As for the influenza at the beginning, it shows fever or high fever, sore throat, and cough.

Lianhua clearing plague has the effects of clearing and detoxifying and promoting the lungs, and ephedra and mint in the group can diverge external evils; silver flowers, forsythia, board bluegen, Guanzhong, etc. can treat throat pain. Treatment of cough, sputum, gypsum, and rhubarb can clear the lungs, so that the accumulation of fire poison in the patient's body is discharged through stool, antipyretic anti -inflammatory, cough and phlegm, and eliminating influenza symptoms. The red -resistant and hypoxic plant red scenery in the Tibet Plateau in the drug can improve the immunity of the human body, enhance the patient's ability to resist disease and recovery, and prevent the pathogenic opportunities that can reduce influenza during influenza. Because even the flowers are targeting fever, cough, phlegm sticky, can not cough, sore throat, fatigue, muscle soreness and other syndrome, synergies to cooperate with anti -inflammatory, antiviral, cough and asthma, enhance the body's immune effects Therefore, as long as the symptoms are the same, whether it is a new crown pneumonia, or a common cold or influenza, it can be treated with even the flowers of the flowers.

Since its launch in 2003, even the flowers Qing Plagas have been included in the new crown pneumonia, A, B, Bowl flu, and other infectious public health events published by the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has become a representative Chinese medicine in response to public health incidents, which are included in the national medical insurance directory and basic medicine directory. "Research on Chinese Medicine Lianhua Qing Plague Treatment of Popular Cold" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in Science and Technology in 2011.

It is worth noting that the influenza virus strains are mutated almost every year, and virus variations can cause repeated influenza influenza, so the antibodies produced by the flu vaccine cannot cope with all flu viruses. For most people, when encountering seasonal influenza, it is still necessary to implement effective prevention and treatment measures. The correct and timely medication can make such epidemic diseases prevent treatment.

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