Can the sports accelerate?Or did not practice

Wang Wei is 49 years old this year, watching his skin is getting more and more aging, the white hair is getting more and more, even with hunchback tends, her is anxious.

Talking to my girlfriend, girlfriends gave Wang Wei branch a trick, let her exercise, say that exercise can prevent aging, so Wang Wei insisted on exercise every day, the result of the exercise, the posture is wrong, there is a knee degenerative lesion, arthritis The hunchback is also more serious.

Wang Wei began to doubt, is it really anti-aging?

Can the sports accelerate? Or did not practice

A study published on the "Nature Metabolism" in the well-known medical period gives an answer.

The study showed the experiment of mice: adhere to the appropriate aerobic movement, improve the muscle repair ability of the elderly mice, improve the muscle stem cell function, making the mouse more young.

So, if the exercise accelerates aging, it is possible that it is not your way.

Pose difference

When exercising, if the posture is wrong, such as a chest, bending, hunchback, may aggravate the damage to the spine, a permanent hump.

2. Exercise is too intensive

Don't be "desperate thirteen mother" while exercise, exercise is too dense, can increase the cortisol content in the blood, increase the blood sugar, which can make the skin elastically deteriorate after combination with collagen fibers, long spot, and long wrinkles.

3. Only the aerobic movement

Many people have blind "sought after" for aerobic exercise, so they only do aerobics, but if they don't pay attention to the strength training, only stare at aerobic, not only the muscle amount will decrease, but also to prepare antioxidant materials Medium and free radicals make it a lot of accumulation and accelerate aging.

4. ignore the pelvic muscle

If a child is not paying attention to the exercise of the pot the bottom muscle, it will cause its relaxation, growing with age, can cause muscle recession, pelvic floor organs, resulting in a small abdomen, it seems more important.

Overall, reasonable science exercise helps to delay aging, and the wrong exercise can accelerate aging, so everyone should pay attention to avoid.

Health movement to help you "reverse growth"

Sports can be said to be a cheap, reliable "reverse growth" mode, scientific exercise can bring you a variety of benefits.

- slow down the skin aging

Physical exercise often, not only promotes body blood circulation, increase skin oxygen absorption; it is also beneficial to discharge of waste in the skin, so that the skin looks cleaner, smooth.

- slow down muscle loss

With the growth of age, muscles will gradually lose, especially after 60 years old, and when muscle loss exceeds 30%, it will affect the normal function of the body, so everyone should think about slowing the loss of muscles, such as sports. Yan Feng, the Nutrition Academic Physician, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said: sitting raising legs, static relying on wall squats, pull-up, etc., resist resistive movement can effectively improve muscle strength, delay muscle loss, you can try it.

- slow down the aging of the heart

Actively carry out aerobic exercise, such as oxygen, jogging, aerobic, cycling, etc., can increase the muscle strength and strength of respiratory muscles, improve the compliance of the lung, enhance the lung function, and delay its aging. However, it is necessary to reach the effect for a long time, it is recommended to be at least 3 times in 1 week, about 30 minutes or so.

All in all, the benefits of sports are a cheap, reliable health method, encourage everyone to exercise.

Safe exercise, remember 3 points is important

Want to get a variety of benefits through sports, but also pay attention to the correct way to do the right way, safe sports, remember these 3 points:

First of all, there must be warm-up preparation before exercise, many people ignore this, but less this step, improve the risk of sports injuries. To this end, Li Weiping, director of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, reminded: You can do some simple stretching movements before exercise, as well as raising legs, lower legs, usually last for 10 minutes, helping to wake up the body, better exercise.

Secondly, the exercise is gradually progressing, not a day, then rest for a few days, such exercise is not only do not exercise, but also very dangerous, especially middle-aged and elderly people, it is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. So I suggest that you can sweat from low strength, slightly sweating; for a short time, almost 10 minutes; long interval, 2-3 days / week, gradually strengthen the intensity strength, and stick to it.

In addition, after exercise, it is necessary to supplement moisture in time to prevent dehydration. However, pay attention to avoid drinking cold water to avoid stimulating the gastrostatic trigger diarrhea, even acute gastroenteritis; pay attention to control drinking water, do not fierce, should follow many small amounts, each additional 250ml, 1,5-30 minutes apart .

Conclusion: Scientific exercise does not accelerate aging, the opposite can make people more young, but also get a variety of benefits, so they encourage everyone to actively participate in exercise, but must pay attention to the right way to avoid hurt the body.


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