Xiling Snow Mountain Chengdu Ice Snow Sports New Highlands

Ski restroom. Chengdu Wentaging Group for map

With the approach of Beijing Winter Olympics, the country has gradually entered the "Winter Olympics". Recently, the Xiling Snow Mountain located in the west of Chengdu, once again attracts many ski enthusiasts to experience, enjoy the fun of ice and snow.

In the first batch of 12 national-level skiing resorts recently announced by the Department of Wenxings, the Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is the only national ski tourist resort in the southern region. As the high-standard project of Chengdu Wental Group, Xiling Snow Mountain is the goal of developing world-class ice and snow tourism resorts. In recent years, professional-level skiing events have been held, and more specialized single-board ski parks, as well as Ski enthusiasts offer more advanced snowdanes.

"Xiling Snow Mountain is the warmest ski resort in the country. The average temperature in the snow is not less than 6 ° C." According to the person in charge of the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Xiling Snow Mountain Snow Season continued in December, so Every snow season can attract a large number of tourists, more and more ski enthusiasts, ice and snow enthusiasts gather in this, the primary road, the intermediate road challenge is numerous, including the figure of each age.

It is reported that Xiling Snow Mountain has just hosted 2021 Yuri Youth Ski Championships, the event has reached the highest standard in the provincial juvenile skiing in the track construction, starting point and line design, timing. The Xiling Snow Mountain West Scenic Area also has more than 2,600 ski devices imported from Canada, 43 snow guns, 39 snow guns, and supported French York underground pipe network savings system. There are 7 snowy roads in the scenic spot, which can accommodate more than 2,000 skins in the same time.

Tourists are skiing. Chengdu Wentaging Group for map

In the face of increasingly increasing ski enthusiasts, Xiling Snow Mountain has also established ski schools, with more than 100 ski coaches, launched "Free Ski Teaching" characteristics, this is the only ski school in the country.

It is understood that the future Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area will build a newly-viewed mountain sports park to create a newly-rated mountain sports park to create a national sports tourism demonstration base and the mountain sports and leisure tourism resort. At the same time, deepening the vocational skills training of mountain sports such as skiing, such as single-screen skiing, and finally build scenic spots to develop the largest ski industrial training base in southwest China, help the development of world-class ice and snow tourist resorts in the Southwest China. (Fruit)

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