Ice and snow moves into the construction site

China Workers Net News (Workers Daily - China Worker Wang Dongpo) On January 15th, a theme "Helping Winter Olympics, together to the future" ice and snow movement into the construction site and condolence activities, in China Construction Second Bureau installation company BeijingThe Winter Olympics Yanqing Division "Hainuo Tag" project was held, and the builders experienced a different kind of construction of ice and snow.

It is reported that after overcoming the tension of the project, the construction of the Second Bureau of China, the construction of the Second Bureau of China, will have successfully completed the "Olympic five-ring" structure lifting construction task in recent successfully.With the strong atmosphere of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the project department invited the first-line builders to experience the ice and snow movement, relax the tight work mood, and feel the charm of ice and snow.At the event, the staff of the project department prepared the dry-saving curling, hockey and other projects, and the builders had fun under the guidance of the coach.

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