Bone conduction sports headphones to us all our sportswell teenagers

There are many advantages of bone passage earphones, such as 1. The bone conduction headset does not affect hearing, it is directly transmitted through the bones to the hero-level center, and the effect on the eardrum is not affected, so it will not affect the normal hearing of people. 2. The bone pass-by-headset compares the quiet headphones on the market, you can hear the surrounding sounds, not shielded, so, you don't need to worry about the surrounding car sound when you drive on the road. Less than an accident that causes dangerous accidents. 3. The bone passage headset is outside the ears, plus its own mechanical structure, which is very easy to clean, so it is more sanitary and healthy. These advantages are what we used to use headphones to avoid, so bone pass Bluetooth headset from being found to have been fired, today, bring a South Card's bone passage headset using evaluation - South Castel conduction headphone Runner Pro 3.

Getting the product can see a skateboard juvenile on the outside of the product, and the vitality is like, it is highlighting this headset is a sports headphones, the blast boy is used to describe us, this headphones The exercise is full, and it is also a person who has these daily exercises needed.

The back of the packaging is the photo of the product and product features and security code. There are a lot of information here. I will choose the place that I think it is worth mentioning, this headset is very good, after three generations Iterative updates are more beautiful, more practical. The characteristics of the headphones can see that the headset uses Bluetooth 5.2 chip, IPX8 waterproof, magnetic charging, 16G memory, titanium alloy material, which are special functions in the current headset. Specifically, I will explain in detail in the introduction below.

Open the outer packaging, you can see that the headset uses the packaging of the packaging in the hard box. The internal packaging can see the LOGO of the headphones and the model Runner Pro 3 of the product. On the right side, the headset can be seen in the fixed way, which can guarantee The headphones do not sway in transportation to ensure the quality of the product.

Remove the product, you can see the list of products including bone conduction sports headphones, charging data cables, earplugs, and one copy of the instruction manual. The earplugs here is the standard of bone conduction headphones, but this earphone can be used when swimming, because the waterproof level of this headset is IPX8, the bone conduction technology, which can be used in both earplugs.

From the identifier above the headset, you can know that the headset's switch button is outside the shake unit of the headset. This location is convenient to touch, in the front of the ear, this area is not erroneous when the zone is in touch.

The inside of the earphone is the charging contact point of the headset. It can see four contacts from the contact point of the headset. . In addition, the charging interface is a magnetic charging joint. This is convenient to charge while effectively avoiding the power supply.

When charging, the charging magnetic suction joint is placed on the charging interface to adsorb. After this adsorption, it can charge or perform data transmission. The magnetic adsorption is strongly magnetically adsorbed, and it is completely not worried about charging or when data is docked.

Some parameter information of the headphones in the other side of the earphone, including the model of the headset, the NANK Runner Pro 3, and the charging voltage of the headset of 5V 180mAh and the manufacturer information of the headset.

The vibration unit of the headphones is designed very small. Internally, it can see the surface of the skin is very flat. The silica gel material adopted by the product contact surface, such a material does not feel discomfort, headphones It is also possible to see the left and right identification L of the headset.

The bottom photo of the headphones, can see the bottom of the headphones with two pick-up microphones, using white special label, this location

The titanium alloy used by the headset is made, completely don't worry about the deformation of the earphone because of the reasons such as storage, can see I have been folded from the figure, and a loose handset is automatically recovered, and there is no impact.

The sound control button of the headphones is here two buttons, one volume plus a volume reduction, because this button is already behind the ear, it is possible to see that the button is still installed on the button.

The indicator of this headset also has an upgrade, the headphone indicator is updated by a separate light to the light strip, see the white strip of this headset's connection part? This is an indicator belt of this headset.

The headset is also very convenient to connect the phone. After the headset is turned on, use the mobile phone Bluetooth to set the search to find the NANK Runner Pro3, click the connection. After the connection is successful, you can use your mobile phone to play your favorite music. The sound quality of this headset is still very good.

The wearing of the headphones can be seen that the headphones are not in the ear, do not affect the sound of the surroundings, so when wearing this headset, you can communicate normally, and you don't have to worry about the impact on listening. Also, it is worth mentioning that if you say swimming or when you don't have to consider communication, you can use your earplugs, you can feel the sound quality of the headset and the sound effect of the sound is obviously increased.


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