Torch, burning ice and snow

"What kind of school will have off-road skiing lessons?" The answer given by Jilin City, Jilin Province is: ordinary primary and secondary school. Since 2018, Jilin City has implemented the popularization project of the Beijing-Snow and Snowports in Primary and Secondary Schools. By opening ski (alpine and off-road) sports class, the first week of the winter vacation is set to "Snow Fake", so that each primary and secondary school students have at least one Ice and snow sports skills. In 2018-2020, Jilin City has put more than 1.8 million yuan for the ski classes of the urban area, and promotes students from 450,000 skiing.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "To organize Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Olympics, my country's ice and snow sports, especially snow sports, better promotion of ice and snow sports in 300 million, and promote the construction of sports powers." January 12 On the day, the State Sports General Administration entrusted the "300 million people involved in the Ice Snow Movement" statistical survey release report. Data show that since the success of Beijing Winter Olympics in 2015, the number of people with ice and snow sports in the country reached 346 million, and the "300 million people participated in the ice and snow movement" have been implemented. The number of participants has shown that the ice and snow brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics not only makes people look forward to the "Ice Snow Treatment", but also promotes the continuous promotion of ice and snow.

Snow sports, especially skiing, high for venues. Once, no venue, distance from far, spending high factors, hindering the masses to carry out skating skating movements. Therefore, exciting the enthusiasm of ice and snow, first we must improve hardware facilities and strengthen the construction of the site. The Jinfan Ski Resort in Tonghua City, Jilin Province was founded in 1959. After rebuilding, it is open to the public in December 2021. Around the snow field, a venue such as a ski museum, a ski-terrandon, a cross-country ski training base is included in the local area. It is happily: "There is a ski resort in the door, and it is very convenient to go to exercise." Good sports facilities are the foundation of national fitness, especially ice and snow. Find out the needs of the masses, scientific and reasonable planning, improve service ability, in order to attract more people to participate actively, and further promote the ice and snow movement.

The teenager is strong, China is strong, the sports is strong, China is strong, and the ice and snow movement is fully carried out. Jilin Province's Ice Snow Sports Teaching Guide for the 2019, the low-grade participation in the snowman, the roller skating, the middle and high-grade increased single-board ski, ice hockey, ice makeup, etc. From the teaching content to the teaching method, the gradient difference is reflected as the year increases. . A sports teacher said: "This can maximize the safety of children, but also let them get into the ice and snow." Whether it is promoting sports, it is also a professional athlete, and youth is an indispensable force. Further promoting "ice and snow into the campus", not only the steps should be stable, but also open ideas, set up ice and snow courses in science, strengthen the knowledge popularization, pay attention to optimize the improvement of the ice and snow project league, sports teaching, etc. aisle.

Popularize the ice and snow movement, enhance the people's physical fitness, the key to drive. The first national ski champion single Zong Jian said: "I care about how this winter Olympics makes ice and snow culture, and the skiing will be better promoted in China." From the "Million Youth Snow" activities in Jilin Province The Yany Yang, which is a public welfare coach, and the short track speed sliding athletes who have developed the skates in the retirement, and then to cultivate Li Jianjun, who is committed to cultivating the "doll ice". Today, more and more professionals participate in the ice and snow sports. " Belt "career, teaching skills, troubleshoot, promote culture, play a role model, to participate in the avenue of ice and snow movement for more people. Concentrateing the generality, agglomeration

The ice and snow movement has unique charm and has broad prospects. With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics gradually, and the ice and snow movement will also usher in a new climax. Grasping the winter anchelope, promoting the ice and snow movement, realizing the "South Show West Expansion", driving the participation of the whole people, my country's ice and snow sports can not only get up, but will definitely do it. Chinese ice and snow, come on! (Liu Yixiang)

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