Ice and snow sports little common sense

40 days from Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, with the growing winter Olympics, the ice and snow moves more and more into the field of vital. Ski is one of the very popular snow sports. When you perform ice and snow, you should keep the following small knowledge.

First, what is going to do before the skiing?

1. The warm-up activities should be fully

The purpose of preparation activities is to promote blood circulation through basic movements, thereby reducing muscle viscosity, enhancing muscle strength, increasing the flexibility of joints, improving the excitement of the central nervous system, and improving the function of the body system of the body, which in turn Action is more coordinated, accurate. If the skiers are ready, the muscles are stretched, the body's coordination is not fully utilized, and it is easy to cause muscle and ligament strap.

2. Don't ski when fatigue or injury

The physical strength is faster during skiing, resulting in fatigue. When fatigue and injury, the phenomenon of muscle acidic substances and insufficient energy substances will occur, which in turn leads to a decrease in the elasticity of muscles, poor stretching, and is prone to damage. Therefore, the timing of skiing should be reasonably arranged according to their own situation, ensuring the necessary rest and adequate nutritional supplements.

3. To keep your mindset

When people with poor psychological qualities, the neurons are too tension and fear during skiing, causing technical actions to deform, causing motion damage. During the skiing process, you must enter, take strength, maintain a good mentality, avoid striving for winning, eager to seek psychology. Especially for beginners to choose suitable snowdrops according to their own level, they must not be too high to estimate their own level.

3. Select the right sports equipment

Suitable ski clothing, ski mirrors, knee pads, elbows, protective faces, etc. can reduce the possibility of exercise damage during skiing. The ski suit is relaxed to facilitate the slippery; the cuffs, the pants should be a retardation and adjustable functionality, which can effectively prevent the snow; the neckline should be an uphol in the open opening to prevent cold air. The color of the clothes should be bright or larger than the snow, in order to identify, avoid collision. Wearing protective glasses, preventing the sun reflex on the snow and the stimulation of the eye in the eye. To select ski equipment, such as snowboards, stealth, snow shoes, etc. according to their own height, such as snowboards, snowpeps, snow shoes, etc., and strictly check the quality of the equipment.

Second, what should I pay attention to when participating in the skiing?

Beginners must practice on a flat venue of short and slopes, and gradually transition from the venue of long, slope, and fast speed after repeated practice.

1. Try carefully about the height, width, length, slope of the skier, and towing. Since the alpine ski is a sports project in a high-speed sports, it seems that the place where the eye is in the eyes, the skier does not understand the situation of the ski, once unexpected situation in the sliding, at all, do not react, this It is especially important to beginners.

2. To choose your own ski trail according to your own level, you can't rash your own level and conduct active, you will be able to ask for a ski coach.

3. If there is an unknown situation in the slide, or when the ski equipment is abnormal, it should be stopped to take risks.

4. When you are in the journey, you must pull the distance between each other, don't pull down to catch your companions, so you can easily fall or collide with others, and beginners can easily happen.

5. When resting in the middle, stop on the edge of the ski, can't stop under steep slope, and pay attention to the skier that slipped down from above.

6. If there is out of control falling in sliding, it should quickly reduce the center of gravity. To avoid heads, it is more absolute to avoid roll.

7. Skiers with bad eyesight, don't wear contact lenses skiing, if the contact lens falls, the possibility of finding almost does not exist. Try to wear glasses made of orate lenses with borders, it is not easy to break after being hit.

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