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January 13th, 2021-2022 Season International Snow United Ski U-shaped venue with slope disorder skills World Cup Switzerland Laks station started Chinese player Cai Xuetong advances to the finals with the second place. Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, January 14th (Reporter Liu Bo, Li Dian) I learned the winter of this winter, and the snowfree fans made a single board ski. The shift edge is the introduction of a single-board ski, refers to alternately use the front and rear blade before the sliding process, can slide it on the snow trail on the snow.

"Learn to change your edge to experience the happiness of skiing, the favorite movement of single-board skiing is to change the edge, and every time you complete the shift, you will have a sense of accomplishment." Xuefeng said.

At the end of 2021, Xuefeng was about two friends, three people from Hainan, Beijing, Shenzhen, and went to the Jilin Songhua Lake Ski Resort to open a ski journey.

In order to make this single ski journey, Xuefeng made a full preparation. "Double Eleven" began to grab the hotel coupons, and choose the snowflakes through the snow and people's traffic, buy ski clothing and helmets. Before the departure, Xuefeng also reported 5 classes in Haikou, assaulting lessons and changing the blade, and even when the ski blanket removal, I will happen to "people's horses".

"I didn't expect the first day on the ski resort. I was very smooth in the primary Tudo. The first day of the ski resort is night sliding, 10 degrees 50 degrees Celsius at night, the ski feels very comfortable. The night slip atmosphere is very good, accompanying Very '' music ski sticks. "Xuefeng said.

Xuefeng frankly, the interior ski venue was too small, not open, very afraid to hit the railing, low in the snowstuff, and will fall when it is not careful. The outdoor ski residential site is more spacious and comfortable, there is a place for three snowdrops, the venue is very large, and the slope is small, and it is very suitable for beginners.

Most beginners will choose this infrastructure in the first slippery before they learn. It is the purpose of decelerating the deceleration with the rear blade of the snowboard. Under the guidance of the ski instructor, Xuefeng practiced several days in the snowy road. The coach said that multi-practice slopings can consolidate basic work, so that the body forms muscle memory so that the rear shift is easier.

"It's crazy, very hard." Xuefeng used these six words to evaluate their ski journey. "5 days of trip, get up at 7 o'clock every morning, eat a snack in the cafe at noon, continue to ski to 5 pm, if there is still physical strength and slide night at night."

For this ski trip, Xuefeng said there are a lot of happy memories. "The locals are very enthusiastic, the service attitude is very good, snow shoes rent from the snow fixtures, the snowboard is very satisfied." She said.

For a beginner ski enthusiast, skiing has certain dangers. Xuefeng pointed out that the most dangerous in the ski resort was hit by people, and the friends were hit by a "snowy friend", and fortunately did not be injured.

Safety measures in the ski resort have been greatly praised by snow peaks. She said: "Every snow road will have a guard field, and the security person can be seen everywhere. The impression is one day in the afternoon, and the last highway, two security officers slipped down, always escorting themselves The place."

When I was talking about this skiing a few times, Xuefeng smiled and said that she took the "small turtle" protective gear, so I didn't feel painful. Both the peers have no protective gear, the knee falls to swollen, and a blue purple.

Ski industry also suggests that ski beginners prepare a skiing protective gear, including wrist, knee pads, nunterus, etc. If you don't avoid falling in the skiing process, there is a protective gear that allows us to be safer during the skiing process.

Southern tourists are also keen on sliding sports, the southern ski field is hot

In 2020, Xuefeng first exposed to skiing, and went to Jilin Changbai Mountain ski, and I have learned the front and rear blade towards and "fallen leaves". "Falling leaf floating" is the basic skill of a single board ski. It is well, which can be slammed around the snow road like a fallen leaves.

Snow Feng loves to ski, and now she plans to go to more snow peaks. "Look at the skiing teaching through ski app, see the special stimulation of sliding snow." Xuefeng said that she plans to go to Xinjiang next to Xinjiang next year. "

"The goal of next year can be able to change the edge of the high-end road, and the medium and high-grade channels are gradually studying, and finally is slippery." She said.

Ski skiing has both surfing free and free, and there is a shock of the slide, so it is deeply loved by young people. "Selecting a single-board skiing has two reasons, one is that it seems to be very cool, is a pursuit of freedom. On the other hand, the double-billed entry is easy to advance, and the board is difficult to introduce it." Xuefeng Say.

"At present, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort receiving snow friends, the proportion of single-board ski enthusiasts has exceeded the double-billed enthusiasts, accounting for 60%, and currently present further growth." Vanke Songhua Lake Resort Market Market Huang Zhongru said.

This year, New Year's Day holiday, people have walked out of the house to enjoy the ice and snow movement. Not only the northern, the southern tourists are also keen on sliding sports, the Southern ski field is hot, and the hotel orders have grown sharply. Data show that the reservation of the holiday breech near the Snowfield, North Great Lake, Songhua Lake, Sichuan Abba, 2022, increased by more than doubled.

"During the New Year's Day, Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort has accumulated 20,000 tourists, an increase of 33% year-on-year, achieving tourism income, 50% year-on-year. The average occupancy rate of hotels exceeded 70%." Huang Zhongrui said.2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open, Xuefeng and her small friends are also full of expectations."Winter Olympics at home must see, especially pay attention to freestyle and board skiing projects, I hope that Gu Aoling can have a good performance to get a few medals for the Chinese team." Xuefeng said.

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