Colorful Winter Happy Movement

- Report on three competition activities of the primary school sports winter of Hai'an Municipal Teacher Development Center, Jiangsu Province

In order to further enrich the students' skate school, enhance students' physical fitness, active students' physical and mental, Jiangsu Hai'an Teacher Development Center, held three game activities in 2021 sports in sports. This event is mainly divided into three activities, project 1: 1, second grade skipping competition; project 2: 3, fourth grade tug-of-war competition; project three: 5, sixth grade 50 meters round-trip running competition.

- Skipping group -

Breathing the winter cold and fresh air, stepping on a firm and powerful pace, one, the second grade children are in the spirit, smile, and enter the stadium. The children have hands with hands, and they are ready. As the whistle of the referee "beep" sounded, the children quickly waved the skipping rope in his hand, and he was so beautiful, and his hands and feet were very fast, and the action coordinated.

- Tutoring group -

Third, the tug-of-war competition in the fourth grade is based on the class, two classes confrontation, extremely fierce. Each teammaker holds a long rope, squats, and visits the opponent in front. The reddish face, and the words "must win" in the eyes of God. With the referee, the team members make the whole body force force to pull the rope back. The cheerleaded members enthusiastically cry, see, our team teachers can't help but join them, squatting with their hands, cheering for their classes: "1, 2, come on! ..." The whole event is full of tension. , Fierce, happy atmosphere!

- round-trip relay group -

The 50-meter round-trip game in the sixth grade is also exciting. With the referee, the children flew out like the arrows of the string. Fighting on the field is the relay of speed and perseverance, expectation and expectation. The contestants shouted to motivate, and they were brave. Although the winter is cold, everyone has enthusiastically dispersed cold! On the court, the students chased me, no more! The cheerleader consisting of the off-site teachers and students, hit the throne to cheer, and push the game to a new climax!

The three-game competition in this Sports Winter has both exercised the children's body, temining the will, and enhances the spirit of their unity and cooperation. Children also experience the pleasure of sports competition. In the active participation of all teachers and students, Hai'an City Maritime Attached Small Sports Winter Successful Successful Success! May "I exercise, I am healthy, I am involved; I am wonderful, I am confident, I am happy" sports spirit roots in the hearts of Nova!

Life is endless, and the movement is not limited. Run it! juvenile!

Photo: Zhou Huijuan Tang Huiping, Qiongo Yao, etc.

Editor: Cui Honglin

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