What type of sports earphone is?Recommended bone conduction sports headphones

Listening to music, jogging, riding bicycle, this is a general selection method of modern people. The 家 家 is not a Joe Gang, naturally can't take a big audio, and the mobile phone + wireless headset is more embossed in the demand for modern minimalism. Speaking of wireless headphones, many will think of in recent years in-ear TWS true wireless headphones. In fact, in addition to the ear, we have another more comfortable choice, that is, there is no need to enter the bone guide headset.

Why is the bone passage headset suitable for sports?

First, in the design, due to double ear hanging ear, it is more fixed in both ears, even if some substantially movement is not easy to fall off. For example, a certain vibration will occur when running, if it is other type The headphones are very likely to fall. And the materials used in the headphones are generally very soft, can adapt to the needs of bending and wearing. In particular, it is very light, so for users, it is preferred in sports. Thistle considering.

Second, in addition to not easy to fall off, because most of the exercise needs to listen to the eighth party, if the traditional gas guide headset, it is very likely to cover the surrounding ambient sound, resulting in a desirable environment, and the danger will not evade. The way the way is not transmitted through the air, and the both ear can not be bound, even if you don't have to cover your ear or block the ear canal, you can receive some dangerous signal sounds, the user can know the situation, know how to dodge It can avoid accidents that can not hear the sound of the outside world.

Third, due to exercise, there will be a lot of sweat. If you often wear the exercise, there will be some healthy health problems, which is because the air pass lead earphones need to cover the ear canal, and the inside of the headphones can accumulate bacteria, if not diligent Finally, it will be derived from otitis media. Because the bone conduction does not need to put the earplug directly into the ear, it is only used near the torch, and then the surface is smooth, it is difficult to deposit bacteria, easy to clean.

If you think that the bone passage earphone corresponds to your needs, then I recommend a few more bone pass-headphones that are more useful, I hope to help everyone.

1. South Car Runner Pro3 bone passage headset

Recommended reason: all aspects are perfected, non-missing, bone pass benchmark products, best recommended

Don't look at its brand is not well known, but in the field of the bone passage headset is the behind-the-scenes technology big coffee. In 2012, it began to develop a non-injured bone guide headset. With its original full-value pointing technology, in the bone conduction field The name of the war, I received the recommendation of the majority of myurists! Also passed the effective certification of the Ding Dish doctor team.

In order to solve the problem of bone pass Bluetooth headset leakage problem, South Card has developed OT closed anti-leakage technology South card in the headset of the vibrator, body design, software optimization and other directions, this South Card Runner Pro3 is South Card OT closed anti-leakage technology 3.0 technology, the final leakage can be reduced by 90%.

In terms of portable operation, Nank South Card has not fallen, continuing the previous generation of uncomment NFC function touch connection and one drag two function, if you have two devices, there is no need to perform extra pairing and disconnection, for notebooks, Tablet, mobile phones need to switch to users very friendly.

In terms of signal transmission, South Card Runner Pro3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 decoding protocol, with AF full shock point-to-pending vibrators, improves the transmission efficiency of sound, so it has been a huge upgrade single charging in the contingent to do 10 hours. Life. It is a bone conduction headset that is currently the longest time during the bone passage earphone.

2. 音 AS660 bone passage headset

Recommended reason: bone biopsy old brand, tuning and wearing experience is good

The Weather AS660 body weight is only 29 grams, and it feels very light and comfortable. High-strength titanium alloy is really hanged to feel the power of high-tech materials, and the headphones have no compression in the cheeks but very close and not relaxed. Moreover, the bone conductor headphones are completely inconsistent, and the uncomfortable feelings that the earphone plug into the ear canal is completely disappeared. But with professional headphones don't have a gap, especially the bass part, this is a small regret.

3. Philips A6606 bone passage headset

Recommended reason: one of the more than 1,000 yuan is more reliable, the experience is satisfactory.

The overall shape of the Philips A6606 bone-drive earphone is very round, and the outer layer is very comfortable. Then, the hanging section is used in titanium alloy materials, the light intensity is large, the elasticity is also good, and it is ensured that it is comfortable and stable. The A6606 is more featured. Of course, this night running light, only need to press three down power keys in the power-on state, you can open the night running light, and you can choose between normally lit and several different flicker. It is especially useful when running at night or dim, can further ensure safety. Moreover, IP67 dust-proof Philips A6606 can flush with a small amount of water, saving the trouble of wiped back, and the sweat when exercising is even more absent.

4. South Car Runner CC2 Bone Passage Heet

Recommended reason: a famous bone conduction brand South Card, the highest cost performance

This is a few boutique cost-effective bone passage earphones, the fuselage is designed with titanium alloy, which makes the weight lighter after retreating, and it does not have a heavy weight, and the ear mounted is also wearing it. Very convenient, don't worry, you will fall. The entire headset is seamless design, and even the headset is wrapped in silicone, plus the unique leakage technique of South Card, which can greatly reduce leakage. Since the magnetic suction charging is used, it will only need to put the magnetic suction head in the snap position of the headset, compared to the traditional headset, the bone passage headset has no holes, which can be A good waterproof effect, the waterproof level reaches the level of IPX6. 5. Landscape JG5 bone passage earphone

Recommended reason: low price, can be used as a entry

This bone conductor earphone is not very good in the sound quality experience, but the price is relatively low, so it is good to choose a taste. The headset is designed with a lightweight body design, the whole machine is light to 34G, bringing a more natural and comfortable wear experience. Use the CSR high pass 5.0 Bluetooth chip to connect quickly and stabilize. At the same time, there is a large-capacity built-in battery, and the battery life is required to meet the needs of outdoor use.

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