Table tennis

my country's table tennis is very powerful. Table tennis is also a sports, not only can exercise, but also make our eyes to exercise, relieve eye fatigue, so table tennis is very good sports.

First of all, we can increase eye muscles through table tennis, which will make the muscles of the eye to quickly shrink and relax, can promote the movement of around the eye, to increase the sensitivity of eye eyeballs, so it is like Chinese table tennis health, eyesIt is very good.

Double Table Table Table, we pay attention to the sports trajectory of the ball, so that our eyeballs accelerates, promotes local metabolism, increases the speed of the eye circulation, can relieve the fatigue and prevent myopia.

Finally, table tennis is a whole body movement, which is conducive to our physical activity, but also makes our eyes and have God, so playing table tennis is a very good choice, in addition to this, the protection of eyesWe also need to pay attention to the use of eye habits, time, etc., using electronic products, etc., perform all-round prevention and control.

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