Participate in the ice and snow sports Welcome Winter Olympics

A few days ago, my son school organized them to skiing, saying to meet the Winter Olympics, let the children participate in the ice and snow movement. I am still worried, I will not be afraid, I didn't expect it, I didn't expect to come back, my son was excited to tell me, the ski is really fun, I have to go next time.

It is said that physical education is in the country. The Winter Olympics is about to hold and drive the development of ice and snow sports. Especially since the winter, the surrounding shopping malls, the ski resort, the playgrounds have added various types of ice and snow sports, like ski, skating, snow games, etc., attracting the general public to actively participate in the ice and snow movement, some places Increasing the night, gathering popularity, driving consumption, and lively snow sports have become a beautiful scenery this winter.

I mentioned the ice and snow movement, I feel very far away. Today, I have organized the opportunity of the winter Olympics. On the one hand, the construction of the site facilities is constantly improving, like the town of Chongli, Nowadays, it has become a famous "ski town", and the ice and snow industry will have an important project to promote the development of local economic development while promoting ice and snow movement. On the other hand, these year-old ice and snow movements are also constantly popular. For example, relying on some ice and snow venues to carry out the ice and snow festival, the parent-child skiing competition, the snow season, so that the ice and snow movement across the north and south, run through the four seasons, becoming a person can participate Sports Entertainment Movement, driving 300 million participation in ice and snow, this vision has become a reality.

It is a major event in the first stage of "145" in the early days of the "145" in the early days of the "14th Five-Year Plan". After another 20 days, the Winter Olympics will open, although there is currently an epidemic to the road tiger, but we firmly believe that China has confidence, and it is also determined to make a good job of prevention and control and event organization, "To the future" this is " Faster, higher, stronger, more united, "China Declaration of China Declaration, is also sincere invitation China to the world. Let us join hands together to meet the Winter Olympics, go to a snow and snow!

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