No exercise does not trend Volkswagen Lingxia upgrade Kinforest sports tire

Like chasing fashion and trend, like pursuing personality and publicity, like all dynamic things, becoming the late speech in today's young people. In this era that is increasingly young, you want to get their heart, you must have these properties. Then a boutique sporty family has become a consideration of young consumers.

So, today's protagonist is coming - Ling Tuo "first"! First of all, this is the MQB platform model for Shanghai Volkswagen's first hanging public. It is also the first public brand sedan car produced by the MQB platform.

In terms of power, Lingu has two different displacement engines available. It is 1.8TSI and 1.4TSI, respectively. The 1.4 TSI is also divided into high power and low power editions. The biggest highlight is the 1.8TSI engine it assembled, which can be said to be the same level.

In addition to the engine, Ling Tuo has a very good texture, this 1.4T / 1.8T + 7 speed double clutch alternate speed assembly, usually, whether the red green light starts, or accelerates overtaking, the output of power is very fast. And the chassis adjustment is also very stable, comfortable, even occasionally wants to indulge the pursuit of driving pleasure, with faster speeds to bend or ramp, it can also provide good support, which is quite good.

For such a young, sports sedan, choose it is definitely a request for driving. At this time, we are absolute primary goals when we consider upgrading. Reproducing the reed bearer is the best shortcut to improve the control. A set of excellent wheels with high-performance sports tires, absolutely allow Ling to become another car.

The original 16-inch wheel hub can be said to be too "small gas", this does not decisively upgrade the 18-inch sports hub, and the rotation process is made and the weight is lighter. I changed the wheel to naturally need to be equipped with a set of tires, the owner chose Kinforest Jin Chi brand from Germany, which is designed for the modified market, the mainstall of the main tire KF550 can be said to be built for Lingdu. Non-symmetric pattern design plus German process formula, the quality of the color is hung in the original factory, not to say the price.

For our pursuit of stylish young people, although it is in this era, but still want to maintain enough self, show its own and unique, and Ling Tu, with me, it is a perfect Partners, because it is in real purpose, there is also an outstanding look, cool sports temperament, and excellent technology and comfort. But if you are young, you want to be more exclusive, then modify it! And be sure to remember safety first, upgrade control is definitely the first step!

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