Which sports prevent the old people's brain atrophy?

Small brain atrophy is a disease that affects life self-care ability. The prevention of small brain atrophy has always been special attention to the elderly. The elderly often relax in the use of brain, which is extremely unfavorable to the cerebellar atrophy. Older people can choose some simple movements to prevent prevention.

1, fishing: facing the clear lake, green leaves, refreshing, hone personal resistance, and have a sense of accomplishment, this kind of common exercise is very helpful for the prevention of small brain atrophy

2, painting, calligraphy: Since ancient times, it is a good way to cultivate. Modern people have taken time in the busy busy to draw some elegant skills, and the elderly are more suitable.

3, planting flowers, grazing: enjoy the eye, blossoming results, exciting, let life are more enjoyable and yearning,

4, watching the show: Through the art show of watching comedy, cross talk, and small, you will get a spiritual relaxation, psychological balance, which is very helpful for the prevention of cerebellar atrophy.

Through the continuous use of the brain, the prevention of cerebellum atrophy can be effectively carried out, which is also why young people suffer from small brain atrophy. The above several sports are quiet, is the exercise for the prevention of the elderly to the small brain atrophy, hoping to help the elderly friends.

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