Ear-mounted sports headphones, unfrigerant and sweat sports artifacts, HAKLLACTION experience

Speaking of true wireless Bluetooth headset, talking about the Bluetooth headset, really a hundred flowers, hundreds of people, all kinds, this small series is a Ear-homing sports true wireless Bluetooth headset HAKLL ACTION.

Seeing this 人 pack, this action is a bit fierce, it is also a feeling of exercise.


A blue black tap box, if you don't look carefully, really don't know what is your treasure? Perhaps it is a jewelry, an ornament, very small treasure chest fun.

With red small handle, it feels strong, and it seems that there is no feeling.

Change an angle, is it cool? Is it a box?

After opening, it is a baby egg, a blue box like jewelry, very delicate.

(⊙o⊙) Wow, I want to open the treasure chest, it seems to be a little excited.

After opening, the inside and outside the charging box and headphones, it is natural, one side, it seems to be predict, come, sports, exercise.

Come a family blessing, charging box, charging cable, earmuff, with a bag and instruction manual. All right. I can't wait, and I have to experience the experience.

Use experience to wear solid, no fear of vigorous exercise

This headset uses the structure of the annulus wearing the ear, wearing, really coming, a street dance is ok, there will be no loose feel.

(2) skin-friendly material, long-standing

I don't know if you have any experience. That is very comfortable. Action has used D-type or annular design to avoid the problem that is easy to fall off; and the material of skin silica gel is used, even if it is a ring-type wearing for 2 hours, there will be no big boring plug.

Waterproof is not just anti-splash, IPX7 is what you want

Hakll Action used IPX7's waterproof level, which can achieve complete immersion or an impact. Therefore, heavy rain is still in the water surfing, can be safe to use, of course, can wear accessible.

Gold sound quality, low time, game or music is enjoyable

Hakll Action is first class from the experience of the experience, the experience of the game and music.

Use summary

After a period of time, this is a real sport headset, stylish headset and quality headphones. If you like sports, your use scenario is a high humid environment or to move significantly, then this Hakii Action is what you want.

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