Exercise needs to adhere to the principle of gradual progress

Exercise needs to adhere to the principle of gradual progress

When "Liu Genghong Girl" is not easy, Liu Genghong's fitness exercises can be seen from the expression of his wife vivi. Friends who do not have sports habits or exercise foundations remember to do what they do. There are strains, "After jumping Liu Genghong, walking on the potential!".

1. Graduation principle of time

Many injured "Liu Genghong Girls" are too urgent to exercise. If you want to exercise healthy exercise, you need to train at least three consecutive minutes a week, instead of pulling the amount of three times at a time. Who is not injured?

2. Principles of gradual movement

Many movements in the fat burning exercise need to be really focused on the target muscle group to achieve the purpose of effective fat burning. If you can't do it, you may reduce the difficulty of movement. In the same way, you can achieve the effect of lipid -burning shaping!

3. The principle of gradual strength

It ca n’t be a fat man in one bite. The vest Mermaid Line cannot be practiced for a day. The exercise must be gradual. Otherwise, it will cause a great burden on the heart and lungs, and it is easy to cause muscle ligament to strain.

When you can't hold it when you are exercising, you must rest, drink some water, and continue your physical fitness before continuing!

Exercise injury includes acute injury and chronic damage:

Acute exercise damage refers to damage to direct violence or sudden load, which usually causes short and fast injury time, and heavier condition.

Chronic exercise damage refers to damage caused by small force repetitive cumulative overload.

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