Not all sugar friends are suitable for exercise

We often persuade people to exercise more. The healthy life is exercise, especially for patients with diabetes. However, not all sugar friends are suitable for exercise. Today we will talk about the precautions for the movement of diabetic patients.

Let's talk about what benefits of sports can bring sugar friends to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance; improve glucose metabolism, reduce blood sugar; promote blood circulation and heart health, improve cardiopulmonary function; reduce moderate hypertension; reduce Glycerin trigly; abundant energy, relieve stress; enhance muscle strength and physical flexibility; reduce body fat content, maintain weight; reduce the risk of thrombosis.

These sugar friends can exercise

Those with reduced sugar tolerance; type 2 diabetic patients with significant hyperglycemia and complications; stable patients with type 1 diabetes; stable gestational diabetes patients.

Sugar friends who have the following situations should not exercise diabetes ketoic acid poisoning; fasting blood glucose> 16.8mmol/L; proliferative retinopathy; nephropathy CR> 1.768mmol/L; severe cardiovascular disease: unstable angina pectoris, severe arrhythmia, severe arrhythmia, As soon as a patient with a brain ischemia occurs, patients with acute infections.

Pay attention after exercise

After exercise, carefully check whether the skin, feet and joints should be damaged. If there is any damage, please ask professional medical staff to deal with it.

After exercise, make a record and observe the exercise to reduce blood sugar. If the amount of exercise is large, it is best to test blood sugar once before going to bed.

If you feel uncomfortable after exercise, please consult a professional medical personnel to make corresponding adjustments to your sports plan.

Text/Sun Meng (Beijing Century Hospital)

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