Sports and leisure make tourism agile

Starting from the needs of the tourism market, the cross -border integration of sports and leisure with rural tourism can form a new tourism market product. A remote mountain village like Sanxiyuan Village can continue to appear in people's vision, and even advance to the top of the littering grass, because it meets the diverse tourism needs of tourists.

Right now, participating in outdoor sports has become a new life style, and the countryside has become a popular carrier for this series of activities, and the potential for developing sports and leisure industry on the main stage of the countryside is huge.

The development of sports and leisure tourism is a strong starting point for promoting rural development. In the process, we must pay attention to avoiding blindly follow the trend and simplicity; but also pay attention to adapting to local conditions, give full play to the rural advantageous resources and special resources, and combine the local culture to integrate the sports and leisure industry into the rural development physical fitness and cultivate vitality.

Affected by the epidemic during the May Day holiday this year, off -road enthusiasts in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and other places could not come to Sanxiyuan Village to experience the "Cangtian Road" off -road line. In order to play, despite this, there are still many tourists in Sanxiyuan Village. The person in charge of the venue comes to the attractions early every day in order to develop more content and lines with local characteristics and attract more close -range tourists.

Remote villages like Sanxiyuan Village are not without their own advantages and specialties. The "Cangtian Road" off -road line is a very local resource development project. The sensory stimulus it brings people. , But in the past, such treasure resources have been ignored by the local area.

Another noteworthy detail is that if you want to carry out outdoor sports in the mountain village, you must reduce the threshold accordingly, and fully consider the tourists in these fields for the first time, so that they also have opportunities for experience. Off -road vehicles for beginners experience.

In the future, a major trend of organizing professional events or integration of sports and leisure and tourism. For example, in Sanxi Township to further enrich the types of events, plan or introduce more events related to automobile off -road, connect different sports and leisure attractions and facilities such as Tianmenping Drifting, Jingnan Rural Ecological Riding, Xuan Huanghuang Tea Experience Tourism Park, and excavate cars The characteristics of cross -country town to create an advantageous brand.

The engine roar, galloping mountains. As long as the fusion of sports and leisure and rural tourism continuously, Sanxiyuan Village will definitely achieve common prosperity in "speed and passion".

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