What is the cost -effective and cost -effective sports headset recommendation

Recently, Liu Genghong ’s fitness fucking fire, presumably many friends from the home family also want to exercise with the rhythm, then a headset that is suitable for exercise is essential. Compared to ordinary headphones, sports headphones are more waterproof and dustproof, and more stable and not easy to get out. Wearing it will bring more comfortable experience. As the Fitness Party, I will recommend several famous and unique sports headphones for the entryrs, hoping to help you choose the right headset.

1. South Card Runner PRO3 Bone conduction sports headset

South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Chuan Headphones can listen to songs without entering the ear. The principle of sound is different from traditional headphones. Bone conduction is through solid sound sounds, vibrating jaw bone transmission sounds to the auditory nerves, which will not affect the air passage of our ear canal That is, we hear the outside voice, so it is more suitable for exercise.

South Card Runner PRO3 spent a lot of effort in the design of the fuselage, making this bone conductive headset wear more suitable for the ear shapes of our people. Comfortable! On the surface of the waterproof surface, like his design, it is like a hippocampus can swim under the water and supports 20 meters deep waterproof.

In terms of signal transmission, South Card Runner Pro3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 decoding protocol, combined with AF full -shock -oriented vibrations to improve the transmission efficiency of sound, so you can get huge upgraded single charging on the battery life for 10 hours for 10 hours. Endurance. It is currently the longest battery life of bone -blending headphones.

2. Shaoyin AS800 bone conduction sports headset

Official price: 1298

Shaoyin Aeropex AS800 sports headset is 26G, which is a very prominent lightweight design among many brands. The earphones are wrapped in silicone -friendly. When wearing, it can ensure that the headset is stable and there will be no discomfort.

The contact charging design improves the convenience of the headset charging, and also improves the waterproof ability of the headset. It supports the deep dustproof and waterproof capacity of IP67. The waterproof demand for daily exercise is not even more important.

3. Sony WF-SP900 swimming headset

Official price: 599

The WF-SP900 real wireless headset is a moving in-ear headphones that supports deep waterproof IPX8 levels. In addition, it is also equipped with an additional earbud, which is designed for swimming. The battery life is slightly short. The headset supports 3 hours of playback. The total battery life is 9 hours, but it is still very strong in the swimming headset. In order to solve the problem of unable to connect to the underwater, this headset has a built -in 4G storage function, which can also be played locally underwater.

In addition to the player and waterproof dust and dustproof function, the SP900 also has the function of ordinary headphones: ambient sound switch, so that people can hear the sound of the outside world during exercise, ensure safety, and it is suitable for friends who like swimming.

4. Sony WF-XB700 sports Bluetooth headset

Official price: 499

WF-XB700 belongs to the Extra Bass product line. In addition to the flat price, it is more focused on the performance of heavy bass. The ergonomic 3 -point structure design is more comfortable and stable on the actual wearing. It is almost indispensable. Except for a little sense of weight, it is not afraid of falling.

The WF-XB700 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which is more obvious than the improvement of the stability of the previous generation connection, and this headset has no auditory effect at all, allowing you to enjoy a more outstanding music experience during the exercise. Endurance can provide 18 hours of battery life.

5. Walkman Fitpods Bluetooth headset

Official price: 299

This headset is designed in the ear -in -ear design. The design is derived from the beautiful curve of the elliptical egg. It is warm and moist, which can be described as both texture and feel. In addition, the design of the fuselage is very light, combined with reasonable ergonomic design, and it feels good. The headset also supports IP54 dustproof waterproof. For users who like to listen to songs like me, do not worry about the damage to the headset caused by sweat.

The single battery life of the headset can reach 5 hours, and the charging box can be used for up to 20 hours to easily meet the all -day use needs.

6. South Card Runner CC2 Bone Bone Chuan Bluetooth headset

Official price: 299

Runner CC2 uses aviation -grade materials, which greatly reduces the weight. At the same time, friends with skin -based food -grade silicone are also applicable. Supporting IPX6 waterproof, water wet or rainy use is completely fine.

Because of the non -ear design of the bone conduction headset, you can perceive the changes in the surrounding environment while listening to the song, which greatly improves the safety of outdoor sports. As the most important headset header part of the bone conduction headphones, the Runner CC2 uses a special bone transmission speaker. The large -coil design makes its sound quality excellent.

As an excellent entry -level bone -level headset, friends who are very recommended to buy experiences are very recommended.

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