Safe sports enjoying music, LIVALL LTS21 multifunctional sports headphones

TWS Bluetooth headsets are in the market outbreak. I have used so many Bluetooth headsets. I admit that hundreds of yuan of Bluetooth headsets have made great breakthroughs in functional and sound quality. Good Bluetooth headsets are used for commuting. However, if you need to choose a Bluetooth headset that specializes in multiple scenarios, how should you choose? Today, I will give you a recommendation.

PS: The comparison of the table below is played in the sports scenario




in conclusion

Ear -in TWS Bluetooth headset

Stable wearing;

The audio sound is clear;

small volume;

Good privacy;

The call effect is good;

Connect and impermented, ear canal infection is susceptible to inflammation;

The environmental sound is difficult to hear, there are hidden safety hazards in outdoor sports;

Easy to lose;

Once wearing it for a long time is irreversible to hearing

It is recommended to use exercise in an indoor safety environment, and the sound is not easy to be too large.

Half -ear TWS Bluetooth headset

The breathability is better than the ear -in -ear, and the ear damage is relatively small; the volume is small; the call effect is better; the call effect is better;

Dispatient, the ear canal is susceptible to inflammation

Easy to fall off;

Easy to lose;

Short battery life

Average sound quality

It is recommended to use it lightly, and the sound is not easy.

Bone Chuan Dao Bluetooth headset

Do not get in the ear, less damage to the ears; it can be safer to grasp the road conditions and environment;

For a long time, there is vibration and tingling;

Relatively large, sinking; poor radio effects, poor medium and medium voice; poor privacy; difficult to guarantee the quality of calls;

Suitable for outdoor sports, but poor sound quality, can only be used as a radio tool.


Open TWS headset

Open Protection Listening

Do not get into the ear, have strong breathability, keep the ear canal healthy, and listen to the environment smoothly;

Good sound quality, orientation acoustic technology does not leak sound; different from bone conduction, strong wearing comfort;

Long battery life

It is not convenient to charge, and you need to disassemble and put it back to the charging box.

Suitable for more scenarios, good stability, minimum hearing damage to the ears, and no crispy sense of bone conduction, and have good sound quality performance.

For comparison results, the friends who are familiar with the above three Bluetooth headsets, I think there should be no objection, and why can the fourth Bluetooth headset be called disassembly, multifunctional, and multi -scene headphones? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it, let's take a look at it together.


Livall Liwo, as the world's first intelligent security cycling helmet brand and the leader of the global intelligent sports equipment industry, has done a good job in sports, intelligence, and security. The headset I got in my hand was endorsed by Gong Rui, one of the spokespersons of LIVALL, one of the badminton world champion, and two other versions, namely the Bicycle Olympic Golden Palace Jinjie and Tennis Grand Slam champion Zheng Jie.

The product packaging is in place. In addition to the outer packaging box, the product also comes with a waterproof headset travel bag.

Because of the clever design of this headset, the headset can achieve two forms and adapt to more sports scenes. Therefore, there are more parts of the product, but through this portable travel package, all accessories can be settled neatly, which is not easy to lose.

The product includes a portable storage box, instruction manual, headset box and headset, two sets of brackets, a helmet bracket connector and charging cable, and a signature of a world champion!

The headset accessories seem to be complicated, in fact, it is still very convenient to use, so let's start with the headset. This set of headphones watching the headset box is actually similar to the common TWS Bluetooth headset. If you look closely, there is no earplug part, which is the open TWS headset we mentioned above.

There are two microphones on each side of the headset, touch keys, and ventilation holes. The inner side of the headset is connected from top to bottom from top to bottom, charging electric shock and open speaker holes.

When using, we only need to stitch the headset and the headset to use it. This splicing method also innovates the traditional process, and we do not have to worry about it during the disassembly process. Each splicing structure has passed more than 2,000 plug -in tests.

Through two different sets of headphones, Livall LTS21 headphones can meet the two modes of head hanging and helmet. We are more calm and flexible when switching scenes, and also highlight the characteristics of multi -functional sports headphones.


Livall LTS21 is a multi -scenario, multifunctional, and open headset, so my use can be used in daily life, work, and various sports. For a period of time, it is found that compared to other types of TWS Bluetooth headsets, it is found that compared to other types of TWS Bluetooth headsets. Its performance in various scenarios is very prominent!

The first is to wear stability and comfort. The design that does not enter the ear maintains the breathability, cleaning, and health of the ear canal, and avoiding inflammation of the ear canal due to long -term blocking of the ear canal. , Allow us to master the dynamic sound of the outside world at any time, and it is more secure in sports safety.

At the same time, the open design is also well protected to hear, avoiding irreversible hearing damage caused by long -term wearing. In addition, in the head hanging mode, because the head hanging bracket is made of plastic titanium, it also makes the headset wear more firmly. Whether light exercise or severe exercise, it can ensure that stability is not dropped.

Secondly, its HIFI -level sound effects, like I often wear ear -headphones that I often wear some time ago, are bone conduction forms. Whether it is a hundred hundred or a thousand yuan level, there is a problem. There are obvious shortcomings in the bass area, and bone conduction headphones are transmitted by vibration. After a long time, the two amounts will cause itching and itching. The Livall LTS21 headset is adjusted by the internationally renowned acoustic team. The 16.2mm oversized speakers with pure copper high -quality sound rings have a great experience in the sense of space and layering of listening. Some fans said before, isn't this two speakers hanging on the ears? actually not. I have tried to use my speakers outdoors to use it. The sound of the speaker is divergent. It is really good to use the speaker in a closed space, but in the outdoor environment Unclear. This is the special feature of Livall LTS21. Under the concept of Open Ear, it also integrates targeted radio technology into it, making the sound we hear more three -dimensional and vivid. At the same time, thanks to the directional radio technology, we also make us ensure that the sound leakage is smaller in the process of using the headset, and we can ensure our privacy.

Livall LTS21 also has a big highlight, that is, its ENC noise reduction, four high -quality silicon microphones, forming a powerful noise reduction array. It uses advanced algorithms and blocks external noise, providing users with the best sound quality while protecting the ears. Official propaganda can ensure that the ride speed is guaranteed to ensure the quality of calls under 30km/h. In order to verify, I specially drove all the windows to the maximum call test in a car with a driving speed of 30km/h. During the call, the intelligent noise reduction resist the wind and can clearly pass the human voice to the other side.

I have to say that Livall's product power is really strong. In the previous sessions, there are smart helmets that have been evaluated by their home. Among them, there are "flash connections" controllers that are convenient to operate. Operation, bringing a hand -answering call, song switching, and volume adjustment safety and convenient experience to cycling enthusiasts. And support one -click intercom, call voice assistant and other functions.

In addition, the Livall LTS21 this headset also supports the switching of three modes of games, music, and sports. In the game mode, it can reach the ultra -low latency of 50ms, which is almost the same as the game headphones that have been evaluated earlier. Bluetooth 5.2 is transmitted steadily, and low power consumption, 48+12 hours of ultra -long battery life, also eliminates worrying about the powerlessness. IP64 level, waterproof and dustproof also make us more at ease during exercise!


The removable structure of the Livall LTS21 headset enables the headset to meet the needs of most headset enthusiasts. At the same time, the switching of three modes is supported. A variety of scenarios are suitable, whether it is exercise, daily office, home network lessons, entertainment. It is understood that this headset will have eight colors to choose from, which can be described as the preferences of various people. Ultra -long battery life, IP64 waterproof, excellent sound quality, etc. are all reasons for choosing it. The only regret is that as a sports headset, this Livall LTS21 does not support its own memory and cannot play music from the phone. However, in general, there are still many advantages to seeing this headset, which will be a very good choice for headset enthusiasts. If you are a user who loves riding, then this headset will be your best choice!

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