Exercise is greater than luxury, a new generation of Land Rover Range Rover Movement

[New Car of Knowing Car] The new generation of Land Rover Range Rover has just been released. Recently, Land Rover's new Range Rover Sports Edition is also launched in the world. The new car is made of the latest MLA FLEX architecture. The car body has a 35%increase in rigidity. There are several versions of the power. It is equipped with a pure fuel version and plug -in hybrid version based on the 3.0T inline six -cylinder engine, equipped with 4.4T 4.4T Bi -turbocharged V8 engine model. Land Rover Range Rover Sport is expected to provide pure electric models.

In appearance, the new generation of Range Rover Sports has its own design language. In terms of details, the shape of the front headlight group is narrower, and the internal LED daytime running light uses a double -segment design. Looking at the front face of the new car, it looks wider.

The front surround is more sporty. The upper part of the double -layer ventilation and heat dissipation opening is combined with the ventilation opening on both sides to constitute The door bridge structure, combined with the opening shape below, the bump design on both sides of the front lip, compared to the current model, the layered feeling of the new model has been significantly improved.

Come to the side of the body, bright black paint outer rear view mirror shell, the front fender is equipped with a newly designed ventilation opening shape, the new car front and rear fender is wide out of the body, the new car is some, and the new car is some. Paired with a dual five -spoke large -sized wheels and multi -piston brake calipers.

The roof and the body are double -color design, and the upper part of the body is bright black color, which is full of sporty. Very tilted roof design, which also makes it more sporty of coupe SUV.

In terms of the body size of the new generation of Land Rover Range Rover Sports Edition, the length, width, and height are 4946*2047*1820mm, the wheelbase is 2997mm, and the wading depth is 900mm.

In the rear of the car, the rear light of the new car adopts the horizontal structure, which maintains the same design concept as the previous model. At the same time, the black penetration decorative bar is still used in the middle of the trunk, which enhances the horizontal visual width of the rear of the new car.

In addition, as a sports version, the back of the new car has also been designed with sports, with a distinctive sense of tail diffuser, and a bilateral two rectangular exhaust tail mouth layout.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts the latest interior design style of the current Land Rover, and is equipped with a 13.7 -inch full LCD instrument panel+suspended design 13.1 -inch PIVI PRO high -definition borderless tangible screen.

The newly designed three -spoke multifunctional sports steering wheel is adopted. The overall design of the center console has its own design style. The air conditioning control area is connected with the center console, and the storage space is designed below. , And set up wireless charging panels. The new car still comes standard with functions such as Apple Carplay.

In terms of configuration, the new car provides comfortable configurations such as electrical steering wheel, seat heating/ventilation, seat memory, electric tailgate, wireless charging, voice control and other comfort.

In terms of driving assistance configuration, the new car is equipped with a 360 -degree panoramic imaging system and the second -generation terrain response system (including transparent chassis, rear wheel steering, bilateral sports air suspension system, etc.). It will also be equipped with intelligent configurations such as ejection starting mode, low -ending mode, 48V electronic anti -tilt rod, downhill auxiliary system, emergency braking assistance system, self -adaptive cruise system with lane, and off -road cruise control systems.

In terms of power, the new car provides three power versions of gasoline, diesel, and plug -in hybrid. Among them, D250, D300, and D350 are equipped with 3.0T turbocharged inline six -cylinder diesel engines, which are divided into low (249 hp), medium medium, medium medium, medium medium) (301 horsepower), high (351 horsepower) three power adjustments.

The gasoline version models are divided into three versions of P360, P400, and P530. Among them Horse force, the maximum torque is 550 N · m and 500 N · m; P530 is equipped with a 4.4T twin-turbo V8 engine with a maximum power of 531 horsepower, a maximum torque of 750 N · m, 0-100km/h acceleration only required 4.5 seconds. The plug -in hybrid version is divided into P510E and P440E. The two models are equipped with a high/low -power 3.0T turbocharged inline six -cylinder engine and a plug -in hybrid system composed of 105kW electric motor. The system The comprehensive power is 510 horsepower and 440 horsepower, which is matched with a battery pack with a 38.2kWh. The maximum pure electric range can reach 113 kilometers, while the 0-100km/h acceleration of the P510E model only takes 5.4 seconds (P440E is 5.8 seconds). In terms of transmission system, all models of the new Land Rover Range Rover Sports are matched with 8 -speed automatic transmission and smart four -wheel drive system.

The more powerful SVR models will also be equipped with a 4.4T twin -turbo V8 engine from the BMW Department.

This time, the Range Rover Sports Edition announced the starting price of four overseas models in the early stage, with an overseas price range of $ 84,350 -12,850. Among them, P360 SE, P400 SE Dynamic and P530 First Edition are gasoline models, and P440E SE AutobioGraphy is a plug -in hybrid model.

Xiaobian has something to say:

Judging from the medium and large SUVs of luxury high -performance models, the new generation of Land Rover Range Rover Sports Edition will lock Porsche Cayenne and Maserati Levante and other models.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sports Edition is not the first launch. It has come to the fifth -generation model. Now as a member of the Range Rover family, the new car is a more balanced model in luxury and sports. , I do n’t want to be a guarded off -road, the Range Rover Games is one of your key considerations. At present, the new car has not yet been listed in China. What do you think of the new domestic Land Rover Range Rover Sports model? Welcome to leave a message. (Figure: Source motor1; Text: Editor Liu Wei, the way of understanding the car)

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