The aphid of the Malan River Sports Park has disappeared

On May 8th, the newspaper reported on the title of "The Malan River Sports Park Discovery", which reported that a large number of aphids were found in the Malan River Sports Park of Shahekou District.On May 12, the reporter contacted the Shahekou Garden Management Office, and the staff said that he had completed the disinfecting of aphids of the Malan River Sports Park.

On May 13, the reporter visited the scene and found that the problem of aphids was basically solved.The staff of the garden department said that the tree vegetation of the Malan River Sports Park near the water purification plant was disinfected three times.If residents find a large number of aphids, they can contact the garden department to eliminate disinfecting again.

Peninsula Morning Post, 39 -degree Video Trainee reporter Hu Jun

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