How to distinguish between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise?

Many newcomers of fitness do not know what is aerobic exercise and what is anaerobic exercise?

If we do n’t understand what type of exercise is, and we chose a exercise that is not suitable for ourselves, we ca n’t achieve the ideal fitness effect.

Today we will take a look at which exercise is suitable for us.

1. How to distinguish between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are our most commonly used classification methods. This is not simply distinguished according to exercise, but is distinguished according to the method of material metabolism in the human body during exercise. Energy comes from aerobic metabolism or anaerobic metabolism.

Aerobic exercise

Glucose and carbon dioxide are generated after glycemic metabolism during aerobic exercise. It can be easily excreted by breathing and harmless to the human body.

(1) Features: low strength, rhythmic, longer duration

(2) Type: Various aerobic exercises, as well as endurance movements such as running, cycling, swimming, etc.

(3) Function: The oxygen can be fully fermented in the sugar in the body, which can also consume fat in the body, enhance and improve cardiopulmonary function, prevent osteoporosis, regulate psychology and mental state.

Anaerobic exercise

Oxygen exercise is a high -speed and severe exercise. The intake of oxygen is very low. Due to the fast speed and excessive explosive power, the sugar in the human body is too late to undergo oxygen decomposition and has to rely on "anaerobic energy supply". Oxyonal metabolism produces an intermediate metabolic product such as a large amount of lactic acid during the fermentation and cannot be excluded through breathing.

These acidic products accumulate in cells and blood, which can make people feel fatigue and muscle soreness, and also cause breathing, heartbeat, and arrhythmia. In severe cases, acidosis and increased liver and kidney burden will occur.

(1) Features: Most of them are exercise with high load strength and strong instantaneous, so it is difficult to last for a long time, and the period of fatigue elimination is also slow.

(2) Category: sprint, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, remote jump, muscle training (gym equipment training), etc.

(3) Function: Local muscle shaping, etc.

It should be noted that many sports do not have a special boundary. The same exercise may be different in each person, and the nature is different. For example It is anaerobic exercise.

The rope skipping movement is generally short and strong, and the skipping rope should be attributed to anaerobic exercise.

2. Which movement is suitable for us?

对于普通的健身爱好者来说,如何判断自己从事的运动是有氧运动还是无氧运动就是一个比较现实的问题,要根据心率的快慢来判断,因为不论从事哪项健身运动,作为有氧运动The heart rate is generally the best at about 130 times per minute. This is also called golden heart rate. The heart rate 130 times/minute is for aerobic exercise and consumes fat in the body. Although each person's basic heart rate and maximum heart rate are different, the heart rate of aerobic exercise should not exceed 130 times per minute.

The exercise method that is more than 140 times per minute for more than 30 minutes is the aerobic metabolism of more than 140 times per minute. It can achieve the effect of fitness and consume fat to obtain a good effect of weight loss.

Finally, you should remind you that of course aerobic exercise cannot ignore individual differences such as age and physical state, and you should always sweat slightly during the exercise without sweating.

If you are a female friend, then because your hemoglobin value is lower than that of male friends, so when performing aerobic exercise, the strength can be appropriately reduced, and time can be slightly extended.

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