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"Sometimes it is not necessarily your peer or cross -border player who defeats you." Recently, Liu Genghong's explosion just explained this view. Liu Genghong is not only a male singer, creator, host, and actor. At the same time, he is also an extremely self -discipline. After busy work, he has also become a qualified fitness coach.

Unlike before, Liu Genghong was a private coach of a big coffee such as Jay Chou. Now, he is a "free" coach for netizens across the country. He exercised together with 50 million fans.

After becoming Liu Genghong's girl, the editor also found that her waist was small, her complexion was rosy, and her work was more motivated! So, what magical power can Liu Genghong's live broadcast room always attract so many netizens? That's right, it's music. "Compendium of Materia Medica" and "Dragon Boxing" have become the two most popular projects in Liu Genghong's live broadcast room. Many people have just started to pay attention to Liu Genghong, just to jump the "Compendium of Materia Medica", but they did not expect that they could practice with them for so long.

It can be seen that as long as there are suitable music, you can create a suitable atmosphere for yourself anytime, anywhere. Whether it is for people who like to exercise in the gym, or at home, or to move outdoors, a good sports headset is essential.

Liu Genghong wore a Shao Yin sports headset from China. The black body and the bright yellow keys representing the yellow collar ride shirt showed that the four -crowned champion Chris Fuls French Cross French Crown Crown Cross Four Special identity, Shokz Shao Yin is a well -known global sports headphone brand loved by many professional athletes. SHOKZ Shao Yin focused on the underlying technological innovation of the underlying technology such as acoustics, bone conduction, etc. in 2011, and created professional sports headphones for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts around the "open listening" design concept to pay attention to sports and pay attention to sports. Safe, enjoy sports fun, and improve sports performance.

In March of this year, Shokz Shao Yin launched the new flagship Bluetooth sports headset OpenRun Pro, which instantly became a sports headset face value, fashionable atmosphere, including knights black, denim blue, grapefruit powder, desert yellow, and marathon world record holder Kippe The vitality orange+Haoyue ash of Jogge's name is selected in a total of five colors.

In terms of sound quality, OpenRun Pro is equipped with a new generation of SHOKZ TURBOPITCH ™ low -frequency enhancement technology, combined with the Corecush low -frequency enhancement unit, enhances low -frequency output, and achieves rich and full full -frequency band sound output. Sports with strong rhythm of mobilizing sports passion, which is a product with excellent hearing in the sports headset.

Being a sports headset worn by Liu Genghong's fitness exercises, OpenRun Pro also has an advantage that other headphones cannot reach, that is, stable and comfortable wear, half -circle design is designed in running, jumping, cycling, yoga, climbing and other campaigns almost almost almost almost There will be no possibility of accidental falling off. Titanium alloy with memory characteristics is used as a balancing of the body skeleton to distribute the weight of the headset, and the overall wraps of silicone to reduce the friction damage to the skin during exercise. While wearing a high sense of comfort, it will not fall.

Moreover, OpenRun Pro can maintain 10 hours of super long -lasting battery life. The enthusiasm of exercise does not fall. It can easily cope with long -term training and long -distance exercise. More importantly, Shaoyin also adds double -layer mesh structures and dual -layer structures to OpenRun Pro. The two designs of nano hydration plating block, blocking water invasion and isolation of water penetration, supporting IP55 waterproof standards, corresponding to sweat during daily exercise, sudden rainwater, and even mud water. This is also the basic operation of OpenRun Pro to win other sports headphones.

Shaoyin OPENRUN PRO has won dozens of top professional athletes (most of them is the world champion) and thousands of sports masters (top competition players) with dozens of top professional athletes (most of them). I believe it will meet your sports requirements Essence Friends who want to start with the headset, you can go to Shaoyin's official website,, Tmall to search for OpenRun Pro. 1298 yuan also supports the 12 -stage interest -free installment payment of the white bars. You can take it home less than 4 yuan a day.

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