Promote the spirit of sports and create a sunny campus

——In 2022 Jiangsu Hai'an Teacher Development Center Affiliated Primary School Spring Games Documentary

The spring light is infinite, and the exercise is just at the time. In order to comprehensively promote quality education, implement the concept of "exercise for one hour every day, healthy life for a lifetime", and cultivate students' interest and hobbies to participate in sports activities. Spring Sports Games with theme of transcending self -challenge the future ". Although affected by the epidemic, the number of audiences at the scene was limited, and the cheer was less cheer, but the enthusiasm of the athletes was still rising.

To a sprinter:

You have an agreement with the red runway, and the figure of running hard makes people praise. With a sound of gunfire, with perseverance, you rushed forward and rushed towards the end of the victory. Although it is just a short ten seconds, you have left eternity in our hearts!

Wonderful moment of competition

To 200 meters athletes:

The 200 -meter runway, saying that it is not long, it is not short. If you are not afraid of the strength of your opponent, the only you want to defeat is yourself. The appearance of hard work is the most beautiful scenery. Only for a moment, it achieved an eternal victory. Come on athletes rushed towards that brilliant victory, turned into goshawks, flying with wings!

Parent -child cute moment

To 50 meters of reconciliation athletes:

This is an ordinary wooden stick, and the contrast of red and white depicts their fairness and resoluteness. It was held in the hands of athletes, and the cold became enthusiastic, and his resolute melting into softness. The small relay rod is connected to friendship, connecting tacit understanding, connecting expectations. Every time the transfer, all the hopes of everyone. In your hand, it is the passing of hope; ahead is the other side of victory! Come on, athlete!

Sitting up to a athletes:

You have an agreement with the green lawn, and there are sweat on it. Every time you lie down, every time you sit up, you work hard. Maybe your waist and abdomen are sore and unbearable, maybe your arm is tired, and your unremitting spirit moves everyone present.

Sports ignite passion, and the vitality releases his dream. This spring sports meeting is one of the school sports festival projects. We also held activities such as physical health tests and family parent -child sports projects. The concept of Sunshine Sports ". I believe that in the future, the school's sports business will bloom more dazzling light!

Photo: Zhou Huijuan, Tang Huiping Liu Minrong, etc.

Responsible editor: Cui Honglin

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